1896 St. Louis Cyclone Damage

Images contributed by Terry Harmon

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A rear view of the City Hospital. The wrecking of this great public institution caused consternation and suffering among the inmates and attendants, and caused the death of several from exposure. [Enlargement]

Rear View Church of St. John of Nepomuk, Eleventh and Soulard Streets. The utter ruin and desolation of this church can be better seen from the back.  The structure is absolutely destroyed. [Enlargement]

Church of St. John of Nepomuk, Soulard and Eleventh Streets. The house of worship of our Bohemian fellow-citizens went down before the mighty wind like a house of cards.  Above will be seen what is left of the structure.  [Enlargement]

Trinity German Evangelical Church.  This church while almost a total wreck was a little more fortunate than its neighbor St. Paul's. [Enlargement]

Union Depot Railroad Company's Power House. Four deaths resulted from the destruction of this building.  [Enlargement]

Close-up of Union Depot Railway Company's Power House. [Enlargement]



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