1896 St. Louis Cyclone Damage

Images contributed by Terry Harmon

(Page Four)

The Liggett & Meyers factory at Tower Grove Station. The factory was being constructed when it was damaged. [Enlargement]

One of the buildings of Liggett & Meyers Tobacco Company's new plant. The loss was about $140,000. [Enlargement]

Anchor Hall, Park and Jefferson Avenues. Although the storm king came early in the evening before the lodges and associations whose convening was here held, he came early enough to snatch from life several human beings, and almost entirely destroyed the building. [Enlargement]

Wrecked Residences in Lafayette Park District. [Enlargement]

Jefferson and Lafayette Avenues. Mt. Calvary Church was utterly destroyed and the Union club on the opposite side was a total wreck. [Enlargement]


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