1896 St. Louis Cyclone Damage

Images contributed by Terry Harmon

(Page Five)

Purina Mills, Twelfth and Gratiot Streets. [Enlargement]

People's Railway Company Power House. Visitors to St. Louis on the Sunday following the storm must have admired the grit and energy of the operators of the People's Railway when they viewed the destruction of the powerhouse, and witnessed the operating of an extensive cable by machinery covered only by the blue sky and walled in by a mass of wreckage. [Enlargement]

Seventh and Rutger Streets.  The storm was in a most murderous mood when it reached this corner. Twenty-seven people were killed here in one building. The entire vicinity is a wreck. [Enlargement]

Business Blocks on Chouteau Avenue. All along Chouteau avenue the wind played havoc.  The scene above represented the establishment wherein two young lady typewriters met death. [Enlargement]

 Chouteau Avenue at the levee. All along the levee from Chouteau avenue to the Eads Bridge the destruction was great. The scene above given represents the large elevator at the foot of Chouteau avenue.  The almost total destruction is plainly seen. [Enlargement]

St. Paul's German Lutheran Church. A glance at this picture will do more than words to convey an idea of the destruction of this fine structure. [Enlargement]  

 Residence on Jefferson Avenue, North of Union Club.  Nothing was left of this handsome home but the foundation and the sign of the physician who occupied the premises.  [Enlargement]

Elevator on the levee. A glance at this picture will show the neatness with which the tornado cut the buildings in two.  The morning after the storm five stories of the structure were a mass of rubbish on the levee. [Enlargement]

 Warehouse at Twelfth and Gratiot Streets.  This building is located just across the street from the Purina Mills.  As will be seen the building is an absolute wreck. [Enlargement]



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