1896 St. Louis Cyclone Damage

Images contributed by Terry Harmon

(Page Six)

Plant of the St. Louis Refrigerator and Wooden Gutter Company. This extensive plant is a total and absolute wreck. [Enlargement]

Residence of Dr. Starkloff, Compton Heights. Many beautiful homes were destroyed in a moment on this terrible Wednesday night.  The home of Dr. Starkloff is but an example of hundreds of others that were unroofed and demolished in a moment. [Enlargement]

Mississippi Avenue, Opposite Lafayette Park. On every side of the park beautiful residences graced the avenues. Few of them remained untouched. [Enlargement]

 Lafayette Park. Words are inadequate to portray the damage done the park. [Enlargement]

A Glimpse of Missouri Avenue. This portion of Missouri avenue is in the Lafayette Park District and was lined with handsome homes.  The ruins on the right of the photo are all that is left of the Park Presbyterian Church. [Enlargement]

Lafayette and Jefferson Avenues. All the beautiful residences along this handsome thoroughfare are a mass of ruins.  The occupants counting themselves fortunate in having escaped with their lives. [Enlargement]


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