Rosters of the Dead and Missing

89th Division, U.S. Army

World War I


American cemetery at Romagne, France (May 28th, 1919) where members of the 89th Division killed at the Battle of the Meuse-Argonne are buried. The above picture shows only half of the cemetery.

The following roster of dead and missing is taken from those reported by the Division Personnel Adjutant of the 89th division and supplemented by other War Department records. "These records are as complete and accurate as facilities permitted...Nevertheless, it must be remembered that variations in spelling and discrepancies in reports from different sources may make it difficult, in a few cases, to place the casualty and detached service of individuals, or failure to report through usual channels may resulted in the omission of a very few names which might properly appear.  Actual casualties of the Division were probably a little larger than here shown." "History of the 89th Division", by George H. English, Jr.,  The War Society of the 89th Division, 1920. (See also rosters of gassed and wounded for the 89th division)

Officer Dead:

Aug through Moore

Nixon through Ziesenis

Enlisted Men Dead:

Abney through Bean (Clarence M.)

Bean (Parley H.) through Brooks

Brown through Creek

Crisci through Eveland

Eylens through Gorges

Gottshall through Herman (Claude E.)

Herman (William C.) through Johnson (Otto V.)

Johnson (William A.) through Kruzinsky

Kuehn through Lyons

Mabee through Metzker

Meyer through Oliver

Olmstead through Raduechel

Raible through Schnabel

Scholz through Springer

Spyrczak through Tucker (Ellis A.)

Tucker (Fred L.) through Wilmore

Wilson through Zwickey

Officers and Men Missing in Action:

Alendale through Yarbrough

Gassed and Wounded of the 89th Division

Missouri in World War I

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