Endangered or Demolished 

Historic Buildings of St. Louis


Once elegant home on Grandel Square, located off Grand Blvd. (a block south of Delmar and Grand) From descriptions, I suspect this is the Minor Meriwether home that was threatened with demolition a couple years ago. Minor Meriwether, although a  Lt. Colonel in the Confederate Army, was an anti-slavery proponent and had sponsored legislation abolishing slavery in his former  State of Tennessee. After the war, the family moved to St. Louis.  Minor's wife, Elizabeth Avery, a friend of Susan B. Anthony, was a leader in the Women's suffrage movement. Their son, Lee, was not only a prolific author and world traveler but was appointed by Gov. David R. Francis as Missouri's Labor Commissioner. In this position, Lee touted as a "crusader for the common man" became famous for his uncovering corporate corruption. The Meriwether's were also kin to Meriwethers Lewis, the famous explorer. 

The old City Hospital at 1515 Lafayette will be undergoing partial demolition and redevelopment. Stores, officers and condos will be created using the old buildings. (This is not the "Homer G. Phillips" City Hospital that is also going to be redeveloped as well. I still need to photograph that one).

Larger view of the old city hospital complex.


Ammunition Plant on Goodfellow Blvd. in North St. Louis. During World War II, 30 caliber rifle rounds were manufactured here. During Vietnam, 105mm artillery shells were produced. The Federal government plans to raze and cleanup the PCB contaminated site. No plans are being made to save this long vacated landmark. Dozens of smaller buildings are associated with this plant. It is uncertain how many of those will be torn down as well.

The east side of the main building at old ammunition plant.

As I get time I will add more buildings to this page. If anyone knows of a historic building in St. Louis City or County that will be soon destroyed let me know. Even if you cannot supply a photo, perhaps I can photograph it before it is gone. Contact me at verdun1918@earthlink.net  (Scott K. Williams)



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