Marine Fossils from Pennsylvanian Deposits

of Ferguson, Missouri



Above are a variety of marine Gastropod (Snails) species
that once lived in the shallow warm tropical sea that covered
the St. Louis area during the Pennsylvanian period. These
were collected by Bruce Stinchomb from limestone
deposits in Ferguson, Mo.

Stems of Crinoids (a echinoderm, distantly related to the starfish) found by Scott Williams from limestones
that have been identified as belonging to the "Cherokee
group". Stems at left were found separated with the center hole preserved. These were sometimes collected by Indians and used for beads. Crinoid stems are probably the most common fossil found in Missouri
paleozoic rocks. Those pictured above were found
by author as a boy growing up in Ferguson, Missouri.




A fragment of a very large tooth from a prehistoric shark-like creature known as a bradyodont. The tooth is what is known as
"dental pavement" and  used to crush or grind the shells of mollusk or even possibly crinoids. This tooth belongs to the genera, Deltodus. Found by Scott Williams in Ferguson, Missouri.






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