Marine Fossils from Pennsylvanian Deposits

of Ferguson, Missouri

(Page Two)

Three very large Bellerophons found by Bruce Stinchomb in
rocks of the Marmaton group (Middle Pennsylvanian age)
in Ferguson, Missouri. These are extinct marine mollusks
related to snails.

Two trilobites. The one on the right has
been identified as belonging to the genera,
Didomopyge. Trilobites, which belong to an extinct
class of arthropods are extremely in pennsylvanian strata.
Most lived by scavenging food off the sea floor.
These are in the collection of Bruce Stinchcomb.

The "horned" shell of the Techniceras, an extinct form of Cephalopod
(Octapus-like creature with a shell). This one is preserved in a piece
of limestone. Found in Ferguson, Missouri by Bruce Stinchcomb.

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