Frederick Hyatt Mansion

Florissant, Mo.

Photos by Fern Whitaker, Florissant, Mo.


The Frederick Hyatt home, located on west side of Shackleford Rd., south of Wiethaupt.  It  was recently purchased by Victory Baptist Church. The home was built sometime before 1860. The church intends on restoring the home to its 1860 appearance (removal of the circa 1930-1960 kitchen and back porch). The home will be used as a guest house for travelers visiting the church. A new church building will be erected in the large open field between the Hyatt home and Shackleford Rd.

What is known about the Hyatt family that lived here:

Frederick Hyatt who was born in 1791 in Kentucky. He was married to a Mariah (or Maria) Hume in 1814. They had six children: Amelia, William, John, Elizabeth, Joseph, and James.  Their mother died in 1839 and the father remarried to a widow Elizabeth Ferguson (whose maiden name may have been Brackenridge.) Both Frederick and Elizabeth owned slaves. Frederick died in 1870.

During the Civil War, Frederick, and two sons: Joseph and James were considered secessionists.  They are listed as "assessed secessionists", meaning the military government  made them pay a special tax for their disloyalty to the Union (the pro-Southern civil Mo State government was driven into exile by a military coup). Hundreds of St. Louis City and County residents had to pay this tax and if one did not, their property would be seized. Many citizens were later banished to the Confederacy after their homes were taken away. (This taxation was not authorized by President Lincoln and when he learned of it he had it stopped)

One daughter Amelia married Franklin T. Utz.  They were the parents of Maj. James Morgan Utz who was a Confederate soldier.  Union authorities captured Maj. Utz and he was put on trial as a spy (although he was not captured wearing a Union uniform).  He was condemned to death.  President Lincoln issued a pardon, but unfortunately Lincoln's message was not received until after Maj. Utz was executed. Recently, the Utz home was recently saved from demolition and transported intact to a city park in Hazelwood (near I-270).





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