Historic Views Jefferson Barracks,

St. Louis, Missouri

Note: This photographs were obtained by Scott K. Williams from Terry Harmon who found them at an estate sale in the St. Louis area. They were either taken by a U.S. Army dirigible or bi-plane. Circa 1920-30s.

[Full size overview image]. Jefferson Barracks is contained bounded by wooden area, on the left (west) side of the Mississippi River.

[full size image] Barracks, officer's quarters, parade ground, tent camp, railway station, and many other buildings.


[Full Sized Image]  JB hospital complex as seen looking towards the East (Illinois-other side of Mississippi River)

[Full size image] Jefferson Barracks Hospital.

[Full size image] Side view looking south. Officer's row on north side of parade ground.


The below postcards are from my personal collection.

Tents, circa 1918 World War I

Eastern view of Jefferson Barracks circa 1934.

Circa 1917, World War I


Awaiting Shipment, circa 1918 World War I

Circa 1909, trolley-train station.

Jefferson Barracks, circa 1930's.



Collection of Scott K. Williams, Florissant, Mo.

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