Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Mo.

Early Aerial Photography


 The following are photos from my personal collection, originally obtained by my friend Terry Harmon at an estate sale.  These images are probably U.S. Army, circa 1920's.  In order to preserve the high resolution, these image files are quite large in size, roughly 1.2 MB each.  For lower resolution images, see my "Historic View of Jefferson Barracks".

Oblique Overview (looking northwest: entire JB area, adjacent south city and Mississippi River.)

Vertical Overview (buildings all distinguishable)

Oblique East ( looking southwest: parade ground, train station, main barracks buildings.)

Near Oblique (looking south: parade ground, officer's row, main barracks buildings.)

JB Hospital Oblique (looking East)

JB Hospital Near Oblique (looking West)


Unknown Location (adjacent to Mississippi River, possibly area south of JB. )

[Please email me (Scott K. Williams) if you can ID roads and community at this unknown location]


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