Glass Plate Photography

Thomas Kempland Collection

J. R. Eike Photography, St. Louis, Mo. 1914-1917

Courtesy of Thomas Kempland, Concord Village, Mo.

Kroger Grocery at Virginia Street. (See full image below)

These rare images are the work of J.R. Eike, a local photographer. At least one photo was taken by a A.F. Eike, presumed to be a brother. From 1914-1917,  the Eike's captured over a hundred images across St. Louis.  In addition, Eike was a photographer for St. Anthony School and Church so there are a few images of school children and Church functions. Thankfully, although these images were almost thrown away by a previous owner, Thomas Kempland saved them from such a fate and has generously made them available here. Note: These images are copyrighted and are NOT public domain. They are not to be used for any publication outside this webpage without the owner's permission. See also Thomas Kempland and the J.R. Eike Glassplate Discovery.

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J.R. Eike, with camera on left. Eike family portrait on right. Click on above images for enlargement. 




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See also Thomas Kempland and the J.R. Eike Glassplate Discovery.


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Thomas Kempland and the J.R. Eike Glassplate Discovery.

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