Thomas Kempland and the J.R. Eike Glass Plate Discovery

Glass photographic plates containing negative images taken by J. R. Eike in 1914-1917. Tom Kempland writes of his discovery that almost ended up in the trash, "The photos and glass plates I received from Mr. & Mrs. Eike after they had been given my name & phone number at one of their other relatives garage sale. They telephoned me about some old photographs they had that I may be interested in. So I made an appointment to meet them at their house. When my wife and I came to look at the photos, we spent a nice afternoon talking with them. After they said that know one else (in their family?) was interested in the photos and was glad that I was. As we were leaving, Mrs. Eike ask if I wanted to go out to their garage to look at the glass plates and if I wanted them I could or she was going to put them out for the trash. I wish that I had known the importance of the plates I could have gotten more background on them..."

An example of the brief notes J.R. Eike left for photo identification. 


Tom Kempland of Concord Village (Formerly a resident of Florissant). He is a nephew of former St. Louis Mayor Conway and has a knack at finding rare historic items at garage sales. Tom scanned all the negative images on the glass plates and reversed them to create positive images for all to enjoy.

Kempland Collection