Henry Guy Sterling

Contributed by Dot Sipe who is a granddaughter of Clara Cookman Cheuvront, sister of Henry's mother, Ella.

Henry Guy Sterling (s/o William Henry Sterling & Ella Cookman),  born May 25, 1892  (MO) Died: Dec. 4, 1970 (MO).  Guy grew up on the home farm, attended the local Sterling School, the Milan High School, and later the Teachers College.  He led the typical life of a farm boy in the early 1900's and was quite active in the community with a road machinery salesman's job as a side line.  He was also very much interested in fine horses a natural interest in the horse and buggy days and owned a pure bred road stallion.

    During World War I, he served as a machine gunner with the old 35th Division in France and returned to the home farm in 1918.  Guy was very active in American Legion, Rotary Club, and church work. He married Pearl Collett on Dec. 23, 1923, and moved to a farm near his folks.  Here he and Pearl lived and built up a fine farm of all buildings.  Pearl was born Nov. 27, 1892, and was a school teacher before she met Guy and became a farmer's wife.  She was born and raised in Charitan County.  She attended the local schools before attending Springfield Teachers College and Kirksville Teachers College.  She still lives (1972) on the farm in the beautiful home they built in 1942.

    Henry Guy Sterling and Pearl Collett Sterling have one adopted son. Bobby Neal Sterling: born Aug. 30, 1932 Living (1972).  Bobby finished grade and high school, and attended Quincy Business College.  He served in the marines and two years in the army, and was discharged in 1961.  He married Laura Swearangen, who was born March 7, 1936.  They have lived on one of the family farms since their marriage on Feb. 28, 1961.  Bobby and Laura have one living daughter, Martha Ellen who was born July 11, 1962, and one daughter who died at birth in June, 1964.