Robert Allen Zoll  His entire Naval career was spent in Northern Illinois, where it was his job to inspect parts being made for the government at Moline Forging and Root & Van Dervoort Eng. Co.   He was issued streetcar tickets to travel between factories. He was released from active duty in January of 1919, rank is listed as LLM.  Rob was born March 11, 1897 in St. Louis Missouri.  He was the youngest child of Henry J Zoll and Anna Maria Wilhelmina Altemeier. By the time he was eight both parents had died and older siblings raised him.  He married Hilda Roth, June 29, 1918. They became the parents of three children Marjorie, Allien and Robert Jr. Home was in the neighborhood near Lindenwood School.  A self-employed carpenter he died in September of 1973.    
--Submitted by Ruth Autrey Stubbs, granddaughter.

Missouri World War I Ancestor Memorial