Plant Fossils of Normandy

 (St. Louis County, Missouri)

The following fossils date to the Pennsylvanian period in geologic time.According to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, they date approximately back to 300 million years ago when the area had a tropical climate. Most of the deposits where they specimens have been found are no longer exposed on the surface. 

Seed Ferns found in a shale deposit in Normandy, Missouri
(northern St. Louis county) found by Dr. Bruce Stinchomb,
Geology Department, Florissant Valley Community College, Ferguson, Missouri

Leaves of Neuropteris (left) and an unidentified  Pecopterid.
These are both forms of seed ferns (Cycadofilicales), now extinct
that lived in tropical swamps of prehistoric St. Louis county.

Reconstruction of  an extinct prehistoric seedfern.


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Photographs and  webpage by Scott K. Williams of Florissant, Missouri. Copyright 1999, All Rights Reserved.