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A Sayman Soap promotional show. Muscians, an acting sheriff, clowns wearing masks, and other performers. Sayman appears to be the gentleman in top hat.  [Enlargement]

Another show promoting "Sayman's Vegetable Ointment" [Enlargement] 

A damaged photo (torn hole), but shows the same show as above but with additional performers--trapeez/acrobats. [Enlargement]

Another medicine show, with a performer in "black face". [Enlargement]

A family and/or employee picnic with Thomas M. Sayman standing at head of table offering a toast. [enlargement]


This appears to be a posed promotion of products sold by T. M. Sayman. The woman on the left is holding a unboxed bar of soap. [enlargement]

A posed advertisement style image of a mother using Sayman's products on a baby. [Enlargement]

The gentleman in the top hat is an early photo "Doc" Sayman. The boy with his hand resting on his shoulder, may be his son, Radford.[Enlargement]

This according to annotation on the rear of the photo is B. W. Cleman, a salesman in Clayton, NJ, dated 25 Sep 1907.. [enlargement]


Sayman Soap Salesmen [Enlargement Left]  [Enlargement Right]

This is perhaps an early photo of T. M. Sayman [Enlargement]

Also possibly an early photo of T. M. Sayman [Enlargement]

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