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"Street scenes, Bridges, Parks, Buildings, and People Doing Activities."

710 Olive Street (at or near  N. 7th Street), circa 1911 St. Louis. Note: Greenfield Clothing Company sign at top of building that helped identify the location. Photo from the private collection of Scott K. Williams, Florissant, Mo. see also: [Magnified View]

"Street scenes, bridges, parks, buildings, and people doing activities."

The following are pre-1923 published historic images (including postcards) of St. Louis or St. Louis County that are now in public domain (or permission was granted from owners, where a copyright may exist). 


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Circus comes to town. Elephants passing Johansen Bros. Shoe Company, circa 1914-1917. From the private collection of Thomas Kempland (Concord Village, Mo.). [Full size image]

Thomas Kempland Glass Plate Photography Collection. Amazing glassplate images by St. Louisan Joseph Eike, found no where else.

Bygone Days Aboard the S.S. Admiral, St. Louis, Mo. Summary history plus three groupings of snapshots showing the Admiral during its heyday, as a river excursion ship.

"Doc" Thomas M Sayman Photographs, another Thomas Kempland Collection. Doc Sayman made a fortune selling soap in St. Louis and purchased Roaring River State Park as a gift to the State of Missouri. Photos of Medicine shows, store fronts, the annual employee ball, picnic, early advertisement cards, old company wagon, ect.

1927 Tornado Disaster, rare snapshots of damage by tornado that cut a swath through central St. Louis City. (Original photographs owned by Scott Williams) 11 March, 2002

1896 St. Louis-Cyclone Damage early published photos, now in public domain. Courtesy of Terry Harmon.

St. Louis Policeman about 1923 to 1929 (Officer Earnest Earl Duke photographed in full uniform and outside E. R. Rice's Mercantile and Cigars) Contributed by Cheryl Duke.

Dixie Sandwich Systems A deli that operated at 6th and Pine from the 1920's-1940's. A former St. Louis chain with 18 locations.

Everett School, 1890 Room #1. St. Louis, Mo. 

Navy Zeppelin, ZR-1 and Birdseye View of 1923 St. Louis. (From collection of Terry Harmon)

James O. Williams Chicken Farm, Ferguson, Mo. (1920's-1960's) Web author's family home.

The Georgia Clark Photo Collection. 1900-1927. St. Louis riverfront, Madison Elementary School, ect.

World War I Soldiers/Sailors of St. Louis City/County.

The Willie Daly Scrapbook, circa 1910. Photos of people and sights around St. Louis, collected by schoolboy, almost a century ago. Terry Harmon Collection, posted 7 Feb 2002

 "Breakdown on Gravois Road" at intersection with Mecklenberg Street (early newspaper clipping, of unknown date, contributed by Lynn DePont) (posted Jan. 2002)

School Children, Shaw School (Oct 1887) Kuhn Brothers Photographers, 1628 Olive Street. Contributed by Thomas Kempland. (Jan. 2002)

Missouri Pottery and Supply Company (Hoffmeister and Mo. Pacific RR) New truck and possibly owners. Contributed by Thomas Kempland. (Jan. 2002)

Sigel School Baseball Team, 1910. Contributed by Thomas Kempland. (Jan. 2002)

St. Joseph Catholic Church, North 12th (Interior view North 12th, during Rev. John B. Gerst's first Solemn High Mass, June 29,  1924.) Contributed by Rev. Gerst's neice, Leanne Blumfelder Ripper of Kansas City, Mo. Photo originally owned by Gerst's sister, Josephine (Gerst) Blumfelder of St. Louis. (posted Nov. 2001)

Photos belonging to Cynthia Sizeler (posted Sept. 2001)

18) 1915, photos from  Florence (nee Steiner) and Ed Schmidt Family album. They resided at 337 Hoffmeister. In the photos they were showing Kathryn and Ernest Heiland, around town. The Heilands returned to St. Louis from Jersey City, NJ. (Courtesy of Thomas Kempland) (posted 31 Jan 2002)

Old stone house that once stood at 9th and Russell, St. Louis, Mo.

Kindergarten at Baden Elementary School (1900-1901) ?? Excellent example of the style of clothes being worn at this time period. The photo belonged to my grandmother, Lily A. Morris, (daughter of Frank W. Morris and Martha Amy Carter) born Feb 6, 1895. She grew up in the Baden neighborhood of north St. Louis. This is a class photo, probably a kindergarten at Baden Elementary School (1900-1901). Lily is the first girl seated on the ground, front left. She is the grandmother Scott Williams, and later resided in Ferguson.  No other persons in this photo has been identified. [Larger Image]

[Larger Image]

 Lisa Malcom-Dunn Collection, Blair School, 1888. submitted 13 Jul 2003. Another excellent example of period clothing. The name on the slate appears to read, "Blair" School, Oct. 1888 Room 12. But on back of the image someone wrote, "Henry Ames School"The studio name appears to be Kuhn Bros, St. Louis. "The arrow was to identify my great grandmother Amanda Becker nee Saeger." Amanda was the daughter of William Saeger, who "Came to America in 1860...had a successful hay and grain business.  He lived on Dodier Street and later moved to another home at 4318 N 11th" [Enlargement]


 Tebelmann Baking Company, circa 1925 Blair Avenue & O'Fallon Street, St. Louis.

B.H. Stoltman Real Estate Co., 4003/4005 Chouteau Ave. 1918

Soulard Fruit and Produce Co., 1700 S. Ninth St.

Camp Gaillard, Chain of Rocks area, St. Louis World War I Encampment, 12th Engineers. (Public Domain)

Photographic Histories of St. Louis Aviation, including the 131st Tactical Fighter Squadron, MoANG. (includes the Wilbur Tackaberry photo collection)

Missouri Volunteers, Battery A, Spanish American War (public domain)

Early Aerial Photography over Jefferson Barracks (Scott K. Williams collection)

 Other Images from Public Domain sources:

  • Circa 1870 St. Louis Courthouse, 

  • First St. Louis Courthouse Building (1770-1870)

  • The Berthold Mansion

  • Circa 1850 St. Louis Levee 

  • 1907 St.Louis Riverfront



    Lithographs, Sketches, Paintings:


    1854 View of St. Louis from Lucas Place.

     Published images that now are public domain:

  • Olive Street Looking West from Fourth Street 1850 vs. 1917

  • Homes of Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau

  • 1832 Crossing the Ferry to St. Louis from Illinois 

  • 1840 Old Market-House and Levee

  • 1848 Volunteer St. Louis Fire Company 

  • 1858 St. Louis University 

  • 1854 St. Louis Bird's Eye View 

  • Circa 1861 Mercantile Library

  • Eads Bridge

  • 1883 Jefferson Barracks 

  • 1891 St. Louis Clubhouse

  • St. Louis, circa 1890. View looking West from the "Old Courthouse". Sketch by Louis Glaser and Charles Frey of Germany. Published 1891 by Wittemann Brothers. Full sized image: 622 Kb



     Dates are approximate based on postmark date or style of card. For this reason there may be identical postcards with differing dates.

    View looking East at the old brick water tower near Bissell Point (located adjacent to Grand Ave.)  Scott K. Williams Collection.


    Postcard Collections, with date collection added to website:

    Central School, Wellston, Mo. [Enlargement]

    My kindergarten through 3rd grade... 1936-1939.... "Middle School" was connected East, then 7th and 8th grade east of that. Location of this building was directly facing Evergreen on Ella Avenue. The building was unused during WWII, the for a year or so, it was  used  for Veteran Vocational training. By 1948-1949 It was St. Louis County Vocational School, I attended one year as a student.--Robert Haefner Collection, 18 Feb 2006

     Norma Kamer Wheelehon Collection (follow link to separate page)

     Laura McBride (Florissant, Mo.) Collection (21 Jan 2002):

     Roland Fogt Collection (21 Feb 2002) 

    Terry Harmon Collection (Granite City, Illinois, 21 Jan 2002):  

    1913 "Great Mississippi Ice Gorge", courtesy Terry Harmon. Select image or link below for enlargement.


    Metro St. Louis Historic Postcard (Antique Postcard Collection of Metro St. Louis, Alton, ect. Buildings, Churches, Street scenes, parks, railroads, river scenes) Scott K. Williams Collection, Florissant, Mo.

    Relieving the guard at Street Car Depot at Jefferson Barracks. This is a pre-1917 (WWI) and post Spanish American war image. Collection of Scott K. Williams.

    James B. Whitlow Collection, of Hoxie, Arkansas.(18 Feb 2006) Thanks for sharing this Jefferson Barracks Train Depot Postcard (circa 1900) [Enlarged]



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