The Willie Daly Scrapbook

 Circa 1910, St. Louis, Missouri

Terry Harmond Collection

This scrapbook was created by a boy, Willie Daly, that assembled photos of friends, family, and possibly teachers. In addition, Daly included collector stamps (possibly ones sold with chewing gum) that depict sights around St. Louis. Unfortunately, because these stamps are not the best in resolution, and only about 1 1/2 " by 1" in size, they do not have the clearest detail. This scrapbook was obtained by a Terry Harmond at an estate sale.

Above is an example of one of the stamp images. In 1926 this main building of the Arsenal was razed. It served as a small arms storage building during the Civil War, and as a quartermaster storage building from the 1890's thru World War I. 


Ursalee Daly, one of the photographs included in Willie Daly's scrapbook. Most likely a sister, but possibly a cousin. 

The Stamp Images:

All of the stamps bear labels, but the tiny lettering is not always readable. For that reason a few images are listed under "unknown". 

The Photographs:

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