Missouri Volunteers Battery A


One of the Missouri units that went was called up for service in the Spanish American War was Battery A, a Missouri National Guard Field Artillery unit from St. Louis, Mo. Its story is recorded in "Yarns of Battery A" (With the Artillerymen at Chickamauga and Porto Rico), by Harry H. Niemeyer. Below is a chronology, photographs and roster of the unit taken from Niemeyer's book (Book on loan from Terry Harmon, Granite City, Illinois).

Members of Battery A at the St. Louis Armory located on Grand Ave.

Signing the muster roll at Jefferson Barracks

War Chronology of Battery A

April 26, 1898: In Camp at Armory on Grand Avenue

May 2, 1898: In Camp at Jefferson Barracks

May 10, 1898: Mustered into United States Service

May 16, 1898: Left Jefferson Barracks

May 18, 1898: Arrived in Chickamauga

July 27, 1898: Sailed from Newport News (aboard the transport, "Roumanian" )

August 2, 1898: Landed in Porto Rico (Puerto Rico).

Sept. 8, 1898: Sailed from Ponce (Puerto Rico)

Sept. 15, 1898: Arrived in New York

Sept. 18, 1898: In Camp at Jefferson Barracks

Sept. 21, 1898: Granted sixty-day furlough

Nov. 20, 1898: Reported for muster out.

Nov. 30, 1898: Mustered out.

Members of Battery A with visitors in a trolley car in Jefferson Barracks.

First and Second sections of Battery A


Roster of Battery A:


Frank M. Rumbold, Century Building, St. Louis

First Lieutenants:

John E. Weber, Webster Groves, Mo.

E.B. Eno, 3874 Washington Ave.

Second Lieutenant:

William J. Murray, 3414 Evans Avenue

First Sergeant:

A. J. McGinnitie, 3445 Morgan St.

Quatermaster Sergeant:

William B. Lightholder, 3538 Lindell Avenue

Veterinary Surgeon:

Theodore C. Menestrina, 220 Market Street


R.S. McDonald, Jr., 707 North Leffingwell Avenue

Charles N. Williams, Glendale, Mo.

E.O. Sanguinet, 505 Theresa Avenue.

R.T. Taylor, 707 North Channing Avenue.

Charles B. Kearney, Elliot avenue and Gamble Street.

William Y. Wilson, 3517 Bayard Avenue


Leonidas M. Gloor, 3315 Morgan Steet

J.A. Kersting, 1234 North Sixteenth Street

E.A. Van Valkenburg, parents address: Little Falls, N.Y.

Edward Kuemmel, 2342 Russell Avenue

Ripley D. Saunders

Henry A. Boeckeler, 4437 Laclede Avenue.

Fred J. Boyd, parents address, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

St. Clair Hite, 10 South Eighteenth Street

G.H. Shields, Jr., 4426 Westminister Place

Lawrence Boogher, 4034 Delmar Boulevard

John P. Shine, 3818 Finney Avenue.

Albert Ulrich, 1221 Old Manchester Road

Percy A. Smith, 927 Pendleton Avenue.

Daniel S. Mullaly, 1918 Sullivan Avenue.

Allen C. Orrick, 1410 East Grand Avenue.

Frederick A. Gerkin, 3138 Sheridan Avenue


George F. Miller, 2321 St. Louis Avenue

Hans Heckel, parents' address, Wongworitz, Prussia

Otto Emmendorfer, 1433 Blair Avenue

Bernard Hengst, parents' address, Cleveland, Ohio

Joseph L. Weitkam, 4376 Gibson Avenue.


Leslie Dana, 1440 North Main Street

Charles M. Loewe, 4065 Easton Avenue


Mike Armstrong, 1207 Wash Street

Louis C. Bauduy, 2808 Olive Street

Guy P. Billon, 3936 Washington Boulevard

Albert Boing, 3843 Easton Avenue

Clinton Boogher, 4037 Delmar Boulevard

Thomas E. Bourne, 5138 Cabanne Avenue

George Doan Bourp, 3523 Washington Avenue

James A. Boyle, 3628 Washington Boulevard

Harry J. Brady, 2511 North Twentieth Street

John Brandt, 1208 Tower Grove Avenue

Gus A. Buder, 2023 Park Avenue

Theodore C. Buder, 2023 Park Avenue

Isaac B. Burke, 2512A North Twenty-First Street

Neil A. Burke, 2512A North Twenty-First Street

Allen Butler, parents' address, Casco, Mo.

Edgar D. Cannon, 4952 Page Boulevard

Walter D. Carpenter, 4262 Castleman Avenue

James G. Carr, parents' address, Glencoe, Mo.

Lucien D. Carr, 3505 Franklin Avenue

William Lionel Chambers, father's address, London, England

George T. Chappee, Elsah, Ill.

Hazard D. Chappee, Elsah, Ill.

Fred Chopin, 3317 Morgan Street

William R. Colladay, St. Louis Trust Company

Clarence W. Condie, Mallinckrodt Chemical Company

John L. Corby, parents' address, The Prague, New York.

Fred L. Cornwell, 4304 Washington Avenue.

Henry L. Cramer, St. Louis County, Mo.

Charles R. Crouch, parents' address, Deadwood, S.D.

David J. Cunningham, 2200 Sidney Street

John H. Dahmann, 2524 North Twenty-Second Street.

Early Deane, Webster Groves, Mo.

James J. Durnin, 1909 Wright Street.

John Napier Dyer, 4165 Lindell Boulevard

George Edmunds, parents' address, Forest, Ill.

William J. Fairback, 2550 North Grand Avenue

Bertie C. Farrer, 3435 Franklin Avenue

George Fatum, parents' address, Darmstadt, Germany

William S. Fletcher, 3402 Franklin Avenue

William L. Fletcher, parents' address, De Soto, Mo.

Edward J. Forman, 810 O'Fallon Street.

Charley W. Foy, 3412 Lucas Avenue

Will H. Freudenstein, 2836 Clark Avenue

Louis H. Gerardi, Grand Avenue Hotel

Alfred Gieseker, 1949 Hebert Street

Henry E. Giessler, 4362 Gibson Avenue

Harry L. Gillespie, 1906 John Avenue

Benj. S. Goodwin, parents' address, Sedalia, Mo.

Shirley Gray, parents' address, Griggsville, Ill.

Blow Grover, 417 Pine Street.

William H. Grupe, 4357 Finney Avenue

Thomas B. Fradenburgh, wife's address, Kansas City, Mo.

Edwin W. Hall, 4735 Page Boulevard

Percy Hampson, Jennings Station, St. Louis County, Mo.

John W. Heitz, parents' address, Rushville, Ill.

John H. Helkene, parents address, Ennis, Tex.

Harry L. Hill, parents' address, Owensville, O.

Willis W. Hinckley, parents' address, Little Rock, Ark.

Clarence A. Hodges, 5379 Odell Avenue.

John A. Hoff, parents' address, Newport, Ky.

Pierre A. Janis, Ferguson, Mo.

Joseph T. Jenneman, 1418 Hogan Street.

John C. Jenner, 2245 Eugenia Street

Richard A. Jones, parents' address, Omaha, Neb.

Theodore C. Jacoby, Maplewood, St. Louis County, Mo.

Benno A. Jansen, parents' address, West Plains, Mo.

Herman R. Kayser, 1115 Dolman Street

Theo H. Kellersman, 1953 Wrigha Street.

Claude S. Kennerly, 3837 Delmar Boulevard

Herman B. Kern, mother's address, Norwalk, Ia.

Herman Koch, 815 North Market Street

John M. Leary, 4222 Cottage Avenue

James G. Lighthtolder, 4538 Lindell Avenue.

John B. Lucas, parents' address, Mooda, Mo.

Harry E. M'Gill, 4010 Bell Avenue

Frederick A. Maier, 1519 Franklin Avenue

Claude Martin, 4302 Cook Avenue

Walter F. Martin, 3418 Bell Avenue

Ben May, 4557 Pine Street

John V. Miller, 2321 St. Louis Avenue

Oscar A. Morgner, 1813 South Fourteenth Street

Richard E. Morris, St. Louis, Mo.

James D. Morrison, 2321 Ohio Avenue

William J. Moss, 1756 Chouteau Avenue

Joseph P. Mulhall, Normandy, Mo.

Jason W. V. Mullins, parents' address, Rosclair, Ill.

Horace M'Dowell, parents' address, Union City, Tenn.

Claude H. M'Intosh, 2000 De Kalb Street.

Arthur H. M'Kay, 4211 North Market Street

Robert L. New, 2909 North Jefferson Avenue

Charles Nieheiser, parents' address, St. Clair, Mo.

Henry H. Niemeyer, 5595 Barmer Avenue.

Clarence D. Nirdlinger, parents' address, Philadelphia, Pa.

Joseph V. Papin, 2919 North Grand Avenue.

Hugh B. Paige, parents' address, Green Ridge, Mo.

Otto Pausner, Boyle and Manchester Avenues.

Valentine M. Porter, parents' address, Marietta, O.

William Hyde Rickey, parents' address, Hoffman House, New York.

Rudolph M. Richter, 2424 South Nineteenth Street.

William H. Riggs, Jr., parents' address, Brunswick Hotel, Ontario.

William M. Roepke, 3801A North Twenty-Fifth Street.

William C. Rohlfing, 2307 Dodier Street.

August Rooch, 1907 Bremen Avenue

Louis E. Rule, parents' address, Morehouse, Mo.

Ralph R. Sample, Old Orchard, Mo.

William E. Sanderson, 1320 Sullivan Avenue.

Michael H. Scanlan, parents' address, County Clare, Ireland

Otto W. Schmidt, 2623 Shenandoah Street.

William N. Schwarbe, parents' address, Arlington, Mo.

Pierre C. Scott, 1623 Locust Street.

Charles Scudder, Jr., 3524 Washington Avenue.

Arthur B. Shepley, 50 Vandeventer Place.

Joseph L. Weitkom, 4376 Gibson Avenue.

Griswold Smith, 2621 Locust Street.

Hamilton Smith, 2621 Locust Street

John C. Smith, parents' address, Dobb's Ferry, N.Y.

Edward H. Southern, parents' address, Lebanon, Ill.

Chester W. Starkey, parents' address, Shawnee, O.

Hamilton W. Stone, 3561 Lindell Avenue

Jerome Sullens, parents' address, Fenton, Mo.

Dell E. Sumner, West End Hotel

Ernest S. Tesson, West Forest Park.

Albert R. Thompson, parents' address, Warrenton, O.

Roy Thompson, St. Louis, Mo.

Dexter Tiffany, Jr., 72 Vandeventer Place

Lee W. Tillson, 3819 Finney Avenue.

Thebert Torrent, parents' address, Tahlequah, I.T.

J. Wesley Trapp, parents' address, Louisville, Ky.

William M. True, parents' address, Eureka Springs, Ark.

John F. Waddell, 5229 Page Boulevard

Philip H. Walker, 2930 Washington Avenue

Gladstone Wardlow, parents' address, Wartrace, Tenn.

Guy S. Warren, 3512 Washington Avenue.

Thomas B. Warren, 3512 Washington Avenue

Palmer J. Waters, parent's address, Edwardsville, Ill.

George T. Weitzel, parents' address, Frankfort, Ky.

William F. Wenzel, 1951 St. Louis Avenue

Albert H. Wyers, 1437 Penrose Street.

John L. Zeiler, 3131A Nebraska Avenue.

Battery A going to target practice at Guayama, Puerto Rico.


Missourians in the Spanish American War

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