San Luis de Ilinueses Militia

Spanish Colonial Militia of St. Louis, Missouri

The following roster was recorded in Royal Spanish records  in the General Archives of the Indies, Cuba.


San Luis de Ilinueses, December 22, 1780



   The overwhelming majority of militia members are of French ancestry, but since  becoming Spanish subjects after King Louis XV ceded Louisiana territory to the King of Spain on Nov 13, 1762, their names have been "hispanicized" (translated into Spanish).  Other nationalities included are Spanish, Italian, and American. It is not completely possible to sort out those with true Spanish versus French ethnicity. While it is easy to differentiate those who were born in France versus Spain, those born in "Nueva Orleans" (New Orleans) may have been of either background. New Orleans was predominately French but significant Spanish did settle there as well. Those listed as being born in "Ilinueses" are from "Upper Lousiana", primarily Missouri and adjacent western Illinois.


Louis Houck in 1909 identified many of the individuals from Upper Louisiana. He has included genealogy information where known. I have listed his notes following the name entry as  "LH Notes". These were taken from his book, "The Spanish Regime in Missouri".

 Information listed in the following order:

Rank; Name; Age; Birthplace; Occupation


      Capt. Don Juan Baptista Martinez

       Lt. Don Agustin Chouteau

            [LH Note: Auguste Chouteau]

       Sub Lt. Don Pedro Monta

[LH Note:  Pierre or Pedro Montardy came from Ft. de Chartres to St. Louis. He was the son of Pierre Montardy, a  native of  Montauban, France. In 1765 he married Marie Theresa Duchemin at St. Anne de Chartres. He was a merchant and the lot he owned in St. Louis was subsequently acquired by Auguste Chouteau. There is no record as to where and when he died.

        1st Sgt. Nicolas Roy; 48; France; Trader  [with Indians]

[LH Note: A Rene Roy was a "Chirugien   major" at Fort de Chartres in 1744 and died there in 1745. He may have been related to this Nicolas.  The name Roy and Le Roy, however, is quite common among the early French settlers. The Ste. Genevieve Roys originally came from Canada, but this Nicolas came from France, as probably did also the "chirugien" with the troops, and hence they may have been related.]

        2nd Sgt. Pedro Quienel; 20; Canada; Trader

[LH  Note: Pierre Quesnal, dit Lafleur, married Susan Poupart. He had come to St. Louis from Kaskaskia and died Oct. 6, 1798. A Quesnal or Guesnel, in 1760, married Louise Govreau at Ste. Genevieve.]

        2nd Sgt. Luis Honore; 25; Ilinueses; Tailor

[LH Note: Louis Honore, dit Tesson, came from Fort de Chartres to St. Louis. His wife was Magdelaine Petre. From the St. Anne Church records it appears that he was a witness to a number of marriages, signing his name simply "Honore Tesson". His son, Louis Honore, junior, married Marie Duchouquette in 1782 in St. Louis, and in 1788, Therese Creely. Louis Honore-Tesson, senior, received a grant from St. Ange February 6, 1770, of the block now numbered 16 in St. Louis. His death occurred in 1807. A son, Francois Honore, married Susanne Liberge at Ste. Genevieve in 1787.]

        1st Cpl. Joseph Labuciera [or Labusciere];24; Ilinueses; Habitant

[LH Note: Joseph Labusciere or Labuxiere. ]

        1st Cpl. Pedro Gonon; 36; Canada; Habitant

 [LH Note: This Pierre Gagnon in June 1780 must have been a resident of Cahokia because the court there appointed him syndic of the affairs of one Michel Bellau. A Gagnon lived in Ste. Genevieve in 1769 and may be a relative. Father Joseph Gagnon was parish priest at St. Anne in 1745 and also may have been related to this Pierre.  There was also in St. Louis a Philibert Gagnon,  who married Mary Claborn (Claybourne), widow of John Newby, evidently an English woman. But this Pierre Gagnon married Helene Mainville, dit Deehenes, in St. Louis, A Pierre Gagnon was a "marchand" in Quebec in 1666.]


        1st Cpl. Pedro Elias; 36; France; Rower

[LH Note: The name Peter Ellis is found in the St. Louis Archives, but not "Elias." A grant of land was afterward confirmed to Peter Ellis by the Board of Land Commissoners.]

        1st Cpl. Juan Pedro Porsley; 36; France; Habitant

[LH Note: Jean Pierre Pourcelly, who died in St. Louis October 15, 1789, was also known by the name of "Provencal," because a native of that province of France. He was a trader, and married Marguerite Barada, who after his death married Antoine Flandrin. It seems he left two daughters, one named Mararet, who married Joseph Laferni or Lafernais, and the other Marie Rose who married Dominique Huge.]


        2nd Cpl. Alexandro Cote; 42; Canada; Habitant

        2nd Cpl. Baptista Bibaren; 30; Ilinueses; Mason

[LH Note: This name possibly stands for "Vifvarenne".  He may have been a son of Jean Baptiste Vifvarenne, of Fort de Chartes.  The name "Bibaren" is not found in the old Archives.]

        2nd Cpl. Tomas Ubaldy; 38; Italian; Currier

[LH Note: Same as Jean Thomas Waldy.  From the Archives it appears that he gave a mortgage to I. H. Provenchere.]


        2nd Cpl. Andres Feneti; 34; Nueva Orleans; Rower


        Enlisted Men:

        Nicolas Leconte; 40; Canada; Carpenter

[LH Note: A Nicolas Leconte resided afterward at St. Ferdinand (now known as Florissant), as did also a Guillaume Leconte. They each claimed land in the St. Ferdinand commons.]


        Guillermo Leconte; 36; Canada; Rower

[see note above]

        Francisco Delorier [Deslauriers?]; 40; Canada; Blacksmith

        Esteban Sumande; 40; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: This name is spelled Soumande in Sulte and in the St. Louis Archives. From the fact that an inventory was made ot his estate in St. Louis I infer that he died on one of his trips, although the church records contain no entry of the fact. A Pierre Soumade was a "Maitre Taillandier" at Quebec in 1666--no doubt the ancestor of the St. Louis Soumandes.]

        Joseph Sumande; 25; Canada; Rower

[Note: A Joseph Soumande claimed 700 arpents of land on the north side of White River in the Arkansas district.]

        Joseph Sanselie; 30; Ilinueses; Habitant

[LH Note: Joseph Chancelier, probably a descendant of Chancelier "chirugien Major du Fort de Chartres."  Joseph and Louis Chancelier, his brother, came on the first boat with Chouteau to where St. Louis now  stands.  Joseph was only 14 years old at that time and Louis not much older.  Joseph married Elizabeth Becquet, the daughter of the miller and Louis married Marie Louise Deschamps.  Joseph died in 1784 at the age of 34 and Louis the fol lowing year.  ]

        Antonio Gotie; 26; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: Antoine Gauthier, married Elizabeth Becquet, widow of Joseph Chancelier.  He moved to St. Charles where he was an officer in the militia and in command of the Fort "San Juan del Misuri" above St. Charles, presumably where the village of Charette afterward stood.]

        Juan Baptista Laflanbuesa; 23; Canada; Rower

        Francisco Vigo; 35; Italian; Merchant

[LH Note: Francois Vigo, a native of Genoa, a trader, partner of Leyba in the fur  trade.  He gave great aid to the Americans during the Revolutionary War and the Virginia forces in the Illinois country.  He removed to Vincennes where he died.  He was a conspicuous character in the early annals of the West.]

        Antonio Galve, Sr; 50; Canada; Habitant

[LH Note: Should be Calve, senior, long a prominent person in the Indian trade and acting as Indian agent for the English.  He was suspected of double dealing by them and was also not in favor with the Spaniards for a time.  He acted as agent or clerk for Datchurut and Viviat at one time, and then seems to have lived at Ste. Genevieve.  He died at Florissant.]
[The above note by Louis Houck is in regard to a Joseph  Calve. It is questionable  if this is the same person as Antonio Calve. Joseph Calve at Fort de Chartres, married Therese Marchal. In 1768 he returned to St. Louis. He was a suspect in a robbery that took place in the city, and fled. His home and property were auctioned to pay his debts. It is reported he was later cleared, charges dropped, and property restored. In 1786 he removed to St. Ferdinand (Florissant) where he died 17 August 1817. He had a son, killed by indians and a daughter (Josette Marie) who married Joseph St. Germain. Source: History of Hazelwood 1790-1974; Hazelwood Historical Society]

        Antonio Galve, Jr.; 17; Ilinueses; Rower

[LH Note: Joseph Calve, junior, was killed by the Indian in the attack on St.Louis.]


        Luis Potie [Potier?]; 50; Ilinueses; Habitant

        Felizberto Ganon; 50; France; Habitant

        Gabriel Serre; 45; Canada; Merchant

[LH Note: Gabriel Cerre, came to St. Louis from Kaskaskia about this time.  For a number of years he was the leading merchant and trader in the western country, and was a very prominent man in those early days.]

        Lorenzo Derroge; 34; Canada; Storekeeper

[LH Note: A Laurent Derocher had a settlement right on the Dardenne, and this may be the same person.]

        Joseph Cale; 36; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: Joseph Calais resided for a time in the town of St. Louis, but removed to Florissant where he received a grant of land in the St. Ferdinand Commons.]

        Antonio Lahe; 28; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: This name may stand for La Hage.]

        Juan Baptista Hortez; 40; France; Carpenter

[LH Note: This Jean Baptiste Hortez (Hortes) should not be confounded with Joseph Alvarez Ortiz, usually spelled Hortiz.  This Ortiz or Hortiz was a native of Spain. But Jean Baptiste Hortes came from Bearne in France, the same place where
 Laclede was born, with whom he came to America.  He arrived in St. Louis in 1768, and in 1782 married Elizabeth Barada, who was born at Vincennes,  Sept. 27, 1764.  He died in 1814, but his widow attained the age of  104 years, and died in St. Louis in 1868.]


        Joseph Teneroso; 35; Canada; Rower

        Lorenzo Basedonio; 40; France; Rower

        Juan Lous Lacroia; 27; Nueva Orleans; Storekeeper

[LH Note: Jean Louis la Croix came up from New Orleans, and was declared the sole heir of Jean Baptiste Hervieux. A Louis Ia Croix married Marie Louise Chouqette at Ste. Genevieve in 1765; in 1770, upon the death of his first wife, he married Marguerite Tellier and in 1778 upon the death of the latter he married Francoise le Beau.  But the latter was a son of Pierre Ia Croix and Jeanne Barette, his wife, natives of Quebec, Canada. The name of Ia Croix, it should be remembered, was common in Canada.]

        Juan Baptista Sabua; 40; Canada; Habitant

        Juan Maria Papin; 40; Canada; Mason

[LH Note: This is Jean Marie Pepin, dit Lachance, who was a son of Jean Pepin and Marie Louise Marchand, of the parish of St. Jean, I'isle Orleans, Quebec.  In 1765 he resided in Ste. Genevieve, where in 1779 he married Catherine Lalumandiere. He was a mason by trade. This Pepin is very often confused with Joseph Marie Papin, a fur trader, who came to St. Louis from Canada in 1770 and married a daughter of Madame Chouteau. In 1790 this Jean Marie Pepin was detained in irons at Cahokia in custody of Tom Brady "huissier" because of being "a disturber of the public peace in this village" and instigating "a sedition against the (Cahokia) court." He was ordered to be taken under guard to the Mississippi and commanded to cross to the Spanish part of the Illinois country and "never to reappear in this village." Illinois Historical Collections,  vol. ii, p. 437 a seq.  In St. Louis he also gave the Spanish authorities trouble.

              Houck's History of Missouri, vol. I, p. 320.]

        Francisco Verio; 35; Canada; Mason

        Luis Laflor; 35; Canada; Mason

[LH Note: Louis Lafleur. Probably Louis Lambect, dit Lafleur.  See Houck's History of Missouri, vol. ii, p.203.]

        Ignacio Brigpohe; 42; Canada; Trader

        Rene de Pre; 34; Canada; Cooper

[LH Note: Dupre, probably related to Louis and Jean Baptiste Dupre, whose names appear in the St. Louis Archives. A Claude Dupre was a "maitre chirurgien" at Ste. Genevieve in 1774.]

        Pablo Laderruta; 26; Ilinueses; Rower

[LH Note: Paul laderoute may have been a son or relative of the Rollet Laderoute who died in St. Louis November 15, 1775. From the St. Anne church records it appears that Michel Rollet, dit Laderoute, was a "soldat" at Fort de Chartres in 1762. He was a native of Dauphine, France, and in 1763 married Marguerite la Grain. He came to St. Louis on the boat with young Auguste Chouteau.]

Antonio Ladusor; 38; Canada; Habitant

        Luis Lasudray; 38; Ilinueses; Rower

[LH Note: A Louis Lassoudray filed a complaint against one Demeau and Le Page in Clark's Court at Cahokia in 1779, but they were acquitted and given the "Privalage to prosicute the said LaSoudray" and this probably caused him to come to St. Louis. From the St. Louis Archives it appears that he had some business with Gabriel Cerre. In 1746 a Sieur De la Soudray Monbrun was an officer at Fort de Chartres.]


        Joseph Marchoteau; 25; Ilinueses; Carpenter

[LH Note: Joseph Marcheteau dit Des Noyers, a brother of Louis.  He married Madeline Robert at Cahokia, and after her death Elizabeth Leduc. One of his daughters, Jeanne, married Charles Routier, a second, J. B. Becquet, and a third, Catharine, Francois Bissonette.]

        Noel Brunet; 34; Canada; Habitant

[LH Note: Noel Burnet or Brunet.  From the St. Louis Archives it appears that he had some business with Joseph Calve, but no other entry is found. A Cecille Brunet claimed a lot afterward at Florissant before the Board of Land Commissioners.  A Cecille Brunet is also a witness at a marriage recorded in the St. Anne church records in 1726, as was also Elizabeth Brunet. From this I infer that Noel likely came to St. Louis from Fort de Chartres. Isaac Brunet was enumerated as a person not married living on l'Isle d'Orleans in 1666.]


        Luis Chavalie; 32; Canada; Habitant

[LH Note: Louis Chevalier, who came from Cahokia, was a sub-lieutenant under Captain Pouree, afterward in the expedition against Fort St. Joseph, and a man "well versed in the language of the Indians," and for his services in this expedition the governor of Louisiana was ordered by the King to bestow on him an appropriate "gratification." He married Helen Tayon and died in St. Louis in 1801. He owned a grant of 40 arpents adjacent to St. Louis.]


        Joseph Duchene; 40; Canada; Habitant

        Antonio Sansy; 40; Canada; Mason

[LH Note: Antoine Roussel, dit Sanasouci, married Francoise Vifvarcenne.]

        Nicolas Chorret; 46; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: Nicolas Choret]

        Pedro Debo; 26; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: Pierre Lebeau ?]

        Pedro Pepen; 26; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: The Pierre Papin who claimed 800 arpents vacant land before the Board of Land Commissioners may be the Pedro Pepen of the text.]


        Juan Baptista Lamarina; 25; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: Jean Baptiste Lamirande. A Joseph Lamirande, who had business dealings with Antoine Dejarlais, appears in the St. Louis Archives.]


        Juan Porte; 30; Canada; Rower

        Todos Santos Paran; 30; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: Touisaant Parent or Parant.  A Pierre Parans in Ste. Genevieve came from Beaupre, Quebec, Canada. Charles Parant was a resident at Fort de Chartres in 1748. His wife was Marie Barbe Le Viconte who lived in St. Louis after his death.]


        Pedro Lerru; 25; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: Pierre Leroux or Larue. A Jean Larue lived in Kaskaskia.]


        Francisco Borrosie; 33; Canada; Habitant

[LH Note: Francois Bourisse or Barrasseau.]

        Luis Beno; 40; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: Louis Renaud or Renon. A Charles Renon, dit Arnaux, dit Leveille, lived in Kaskaskia. This name is also found in the St. Louis Archives.]

        Juan Lepir; 50; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: Jean Lapierre.]

        Nicolas Guion; 40; Canada; Blacksmith

        Luis Liret; 38; Canada;Rower

[LH Note: Louis Lirette.]

        Carlos Balle; 50; Canada; Hunter

[LH Note: Charles Valle, married Marguerite Cardinal at Kaskaskia, whence he came to St. Louis.]

        Pedro Vizonete; 38; Canada; Habitant

[LH Note: Pierre Bissonette]

        Joseph Beno; 45;Canada; Hunter

[LH Note: Joseph Renaud or Renon.]

        Andres Vequet; 18; Ilinueses; Rower

        Andrea Vizonete; 38; Canada; Rower

        Juan Baptista Probanche; 43; Canada; Habitant

[LH Note: Jean Baptiste Provenchere, married Marie Pepin, widow of Bissette.]


        Anrry Orra; 45; American; Habitant

[LH Note: Henry 0 'Hara, from Kaskaskia, claimed 300 arpents on Glaize a Baquette near St. Louis.]


        Joseph Marichar; 26; Ilinueses; Rower

[LH Note: Joseph Marechal]

        Antonio Marichar; 36; Ilinueses; Habitant

[LH Note: Antoine Marechal lived at St. Ferdinand in 1796.]

        Francisco Chole; 28; Canada; Rower

        Jacobo Marichar; 40; Ilinueses; Habitant

[LH Note: Jacques Marechal.]

        Lorenzo Michon; 40; Canada; Hunter

[LH Note: Laurent Michon, a name found in the St. Louis Archives.]


        Joseph Ribet; 36; Canada; Habitant

[LH Note: Joseph Rivet claimed land extending from the river St. Ferdinand to the Missouri. He was a son of Pierre Rivet and Marie Demaret, and died in St. Louis in 1789.]


        Amable Demarre; 35; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: This name is not found in the St. Louis Archives. The name of Des Marest is found in lower Louisiana as land claimant.]

        Pedro Cudorche; 44; France; Merchant

        Joseph Par; 40; Canada; Rower

        Silvestre Labadia; 43; France; Trader

[LH Note: Sylvestre Labadie.]

        Bernardo Dubal; 38; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: Bernard Duval.]

        Joseph Papen; 36; Canada; Merchant

[LH Note: This must be Joseph M. Papin who came to St. Louis from Montreal with his father Joseph Papin in 1769. His father married Marguerite Laforce there and died in St. Louis in 1772.  Joseph Marie married Marie Louise Chouteau. He died Septemeber 18, 1811.]

        Carlos Simono; 40; Canada; Habitant

[LH Note: Charles Simoneau married Marie Picard and the lots he owned in St. Louis afterward were claimed by Charles Gratiot.]


        Francisco Vizonete; 50; Canada; Habitant

[LH Note: Francois Bissonette married Catharine Marcheteau, dit Des Noyers, and came over to St. Louis from Cahokia. He died in 1787. He was probably a son of Jean Bissonette, a native of Canada, who settled in the Illinois  country at an early day.]


        Joseph Basor; 26; Ilinueses; Rower

        Basilio Basor; 23; Ilinueses; Rower

        Luis Vior; 40; Canada; Hunter

        Baptista Vizonete; 34; Canada; Rower

        Pedro Choteau; 22; Nueva Orleans; Merchant

[LH Note: Pierre Chouteau.]

        Juan Baptista Cambas;  44; France;  Carpenter

[LH Note: He constructed and completed the first Catholic church of St. Louis. He sold his lot in St. Louis to Guillaume Herbert, dit Lecompte.]

        Joseph Caze;  20; Ilinueses; Rower

        Joseph Tayon; 28; Ilinueses; Farm Laborer

[LH Note: Joseph Michel, dit Taillon or Tayon.]

        Luis Chil; 25; France; Rower

        Juan Pablo Tembal; 43; France; Merchant

        Luis Rover; 38; Ilinueses; Habitant

        Francisco Corno; 43; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: Francois Corneau, whose will, giving his property to Jean Baptiste Bienvenue, dit De Lisle, was found in St. Louis.]

        Baptista Cantara; 38; Canada; Hunter

        Pedro Bernie; 30; Canada; Rower

        Pedro Sorret;  35; Canada; Carpenter

        Joseph Labrose; 43; Canada; Habitant

[LH Note: Joseph labrosse. He died in 1798. ]

        Joseph Verdon;  46; Canada; Carpenter

[LH Note: Joseph Verdon, who married Vistoire Richelet.]

        Luis Dubroy; 38; Canada; Habitant

[LH Note: Louis Chauvet Dubreuil, a native of Rochelle, France, came to St. Louis in 1765, where for many years he was a leading trader. He married Susanne Saintous in St. Louis in 1772, and died in 1794, leaving a widow, two sons,  and nine daughters.  His widow died in 1825. One of his daughters, Clarissa  born in 1790. married Edward Hempstead January 13, 1808, at Ste. Genevieve where the family then resided.]

        Pedro Durbois; 28; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: This may be Pierre Dubois.]

        Luis Fallar; 30; Canada; Rower

       Alexandro Balle; 33; Canada; Hunter

[LH Note: Valle]

       Juan Probo; 36;Canada;Hunter

[LH Note: Jean Prevot ?]

       Alexandro Michon; 38; Canada; Hunter

       Luis Mercie; 44; Canada; Rower

[LH Note: Louis Mercier]

       Antonio Huder; 34; Canada; Rower

       Luis Chatelero; 40; Canada; Trader

[LH Note: Collet spells the name "Chattelreau" but perhaps it is "Chatelherault." In the American State Papers the name is spelled "Chattlereau."  The property of this Louis was sold in St. Louis by the "huissier."]


       Salomon Paty; 26; American; Hunter

[LH Note: This name may stand for Salomon Petti or Petit, a name found in the Archives. The name of Patty I have been unable to discover. This Salomon claimed land in the St. Charles district.]

       Pablo Guitar; 45; Canada; Habitant

[LH Note: Paul Guitard]


                                 Sergeants                   3

                                 Corperals                   8

                                 Enlisted Men                  96

                                 Total                   107

                         San Lois de Ilinueses, December 20, 1780.

                             Lt. Gov. Francisco Cruzat (rubric).



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Source: "The Spanish Regime in Missouri", by Louis Houck; R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company; 1909.

Copyright 1999, Scott Williams, All Rights Reserved