Memories of the Missouri Air National Guard

Photo Collection of  Wilbur Tackaberry

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 Missiles on trailer. Phil Lamunion and Sgt Dan Johnson of the weapons shop [enlargement]

Group of support maintenance and pilots being briefed by Col. Walter J. Weihe, prior to leaving for Wisconsin training missions, in Guard Units C-47.     [Enlargement]

SMsgt Walter Wilde preflight inspection of a missile mission.

Airman Sid Essen and another airman loading ammunitions on an F100 aircraft.

Radar  Gun Sight Repair by the Fire Control Shop [Enlargement]

SMSgt Donald Frioli receiving an award by Col Bill Cannon.  [Enlargement]


Midair refueling [Enlargement]

Sgt Richard Krieger and other unit personnel returning from the Berlin Crisis call up in 1961-62  [Enlargement]

May 1978 gas mask training Official Photo 131st Combat Support Group, St. Louis, Mo. [Enlargement]

Aero Spacelines  [Enlargement]

Aero Spacelines [Enlargement]

Sgt Armand Mulloy posing in front of a C97 refueling aircraft.

VIPS Arriving at Field Training in Wisconsin. [Enlargement]


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