Forgotten Places of St. Louis, Missouri

By Scott K. Williams

This old building from colonial times was known as "the old Chouteau mansion". While its exact placement is in question, it is believed to have been situated in Bonfils, near the Wabash RR tracks. It was probably the country home of the Chouteau family which owned land in the vicinity. The village of Bonfils no longer exists and has been incorporated within the City of Bridgeton. 


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Old Places and Forgotten Towns of St. Louis County:

"Kenwood Springs", St. Louis County, Mo. This postcard is circa 1910. In 1910 Federal Census, Ernest M. Leonard is recorded as living on Natural Bridge Road (no street number given). By the 1920 census he is living at 3710 Salome Ave. (which is a side street directly off Natural Bridge Road),  in present day City of Pine Lawn. In a May 3, 1908 (part 3, page9) advertisement in the St. Louis Republic newspaper, the Kenwood Springs Realty Company (owned by Herman C. G. Luyties) describes Kenwood Springs as "The Garden Spot of St. Louis County", located on Natural Bridge Road, and that over 100 families are living there. "Only desirable people, those of families, are wanted at Kenwood.  Those who will own their own house and live in it. No speculators can get hold of Kenwood property." "Kenwood Springs is accessible to the city. All improvements are made--Sewerage, sidewalks, graded streets, county water supply, electric light, telephone service, gas, curbs, fine flowers, trees, natural drainage, restricted property..." Various models of homes were available including the very popular "bungalow". The add states one can secure a house for "$50 down and the balance on easy monthly installments." 1908 directions to Kenwood Springs: "Take any car to Wellston or Suburban Garden.  Change to car marked 'Ferguson.'. Three minutes ride from Suburban Garden.  Just outside the city limits." Thanks to Dennis Northcott, researcher at the Missouri Historical Society for finding this advertisement.

More about the resident: Ernest M. Leonard (b. circa 1871 Maine) and his wife, Jessie N. (b. circa 1871 Mass.) lived with son, Stuart M. (b. 1906 Missouri).  In the 1910 Federal census (Central Township-St. Louis County) Leonard is listed as a shoemaker and by 1920 he is listed as a superintendent of a shoe factory.  By 1930, the Leonard family had moved off to the Mobile area of Alabama and were operating a truck farm.


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A 1883 Colorized Map of St. Louis may help place many of these locations. Unfortunately this map does not include the area west of Quinette (Kirkwood/Meramec Station) area.

See note regarding Townships

Note: Some towns that proceeded the time the City split off from the County, and are now located within the City of St. Louis,  may be inadvertently listed under St. Louis County.

Note Regarding Townships of St. Louis County:

Originally for planning purposes St. Louis County was divided up into townships.  The actual boundaries can be seen on a black/white 1883 St. Louis Township Map published in the "History of St. Louis City and County", by J. Thomas Scharf. These townships were:

While these identities may have the same names as actual towns or cities, they are not analogous. For instance St. Ferdinand township encompassed an area from present day Bridgeton, Ferguson, Florissant, Blackjack, Spanish Lake and all of "North County" to the boundary to the City of St. Louis.

Today the County is still divided up into townships, but many more have been added and it is vastly different arrangement from the 1883 version. Since many of my sources come from old accounts,  I will use the old township map and not the modern version.


Old Places or Forgotten Towns of St. Louis City:

Note: Some towns that proceeded the time the City split off from the County may have inadvertently be listed under St. Louis County.

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