"Under the Anheuser Bush"

Words by Andrew B. Sterling, 1874-1955
Music by Harry Von Tilzer, 1872-1946

Published 1903 by Harry Von Tilzer, Music Publishing Co., 37 W. 28th St., New York

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Talk about the shade of the sheltering palms, 
Praise the bamboo tree and its widespreading charms, 
There’s a little bush that grows right here in town, 
You know its name, it has won such renown; 
Often with my sweetheart just after the play, 
To this little place then my footsteps will stray, 
If she hesitates when she looks at the sign, 
Softly I whisper, “Now Sue don’t decline.“ 

CHORUS [sung after each verse]
Come, Come, Come and make eyes with me, 
Under the Anheuser Bush 
Come, Come, drink some “Budwise” with me 
Under the Anheuser Bush, 
Hear the old German band, 
Just let me hold your hand Yah! 
Do, Do, Come and have a stein or two, 
Under the Anheuser Bush. Bush.

Rave about the place where your swells go to dine, 
Picture Sue and me with our sandwich and stein, 
Underneath the bush where the good fellows meet, 
Life seems worth living, our joy is complete; 
If you’re sad at heart, take a trip there tonight, 
You’ll forget your woe and your eyes will grow bright, 
There you’ll surely find me with my sweetheart Sue, 
Come down this ev’ning I’ll introduce you.


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