1927 Tornado Disaster

St. Louis, Mo.

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Dismayed residents of the 4200 block of McPherson. [Enlargement]


At 1 PM in the afternoon of September 29th, a powerful tornado (F3-scale) struck the central parts of the City of St. Louis. Between 72-79 persons were killed and over 550 injured. A large number of people were trapped in buildings, including Central High School where 1,500 students were attending classes. The tornado cut a 600 yard by 12 miles long swath through the city, costing between 22-53 million dollars of damage. (photo of overturned car at 4100 Olive Street) [Enlargement]

The following eighteen photos are part of the author's collection. The photographer carefully recorded the location of each that each photo was taken. Unfortunately, the photographer did not record his or her name.


Left-corner of Sarah and Cook. . [enlargement] Right-Same location, sign on tower reads, Berean Church (SBA) [enlargement]

4000 block of Westminister. [enlargement]

A crowd gathering at NW corner of Maryland and Whittie. [enlargement]

4201 Maryland. [Note soldiers and boyscout at left ] [enlargement]

Relief workers at Pendelton and Washington. [Note Red Cross Armband on one woman] [enlargement]


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