Interior Photographs of the

Alexander Williams Home

(Dickson-Williams Mansion, Greeneville, Tennessee)

This is not nearly a complete photo tour of this home, built 1821 by William Dickson, the father of Catharine Williams, 1802-1870 (wife of Alexander Williams, 1793-1852). It is most noted for being the last place the famous Confederate Cavalry General, John Hunt Morgan spent the night before his death in a shoot-out on the grounds in September 1864.


The Parlor

Many other guests have stayed here, including Davy Crockett, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, James Knox Polk, Marquis de LaFayette (Revolutionary War fame). Alexander Williams himself was the son of Col. Joseph Williams "Duke of Surry", commanded a battalion of North Carolina militia during the Revolutionary War. There were many other notable family members including a brother, Lewis Williams that served in the U.S. Congress from 1815 to 1842 and another brother Sen. John Williams, that served in the regular U.S. Infantry under Gen. Andrew Jackson. [For more on the Williams Family, Early Descendants of John Williams of Hanover Co., Virginia]


The Staircase (leading to the bedrooms)


Children's Bedroom (sons that fought on opposite sides in the Civil War probably shared this room together)

The Alexander Williams family was divided during the Civil War. One son, Thomas Lanier Williams was a Captain in the Confederate Army. Another son, Joseph Alexander Williams was a Union soldier. Also of interest is Alexander's sister, Rebecca Lanier Williams' 1788-1832 (married to John Hunt Wimbish) who had a son, Colonel John Wimbush (1812-1905) of Williamsboro, N.C. that fought for the Confederacy.


The bedroom where Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan slept his last night before being killed in a shootout, Sept 4, 1864. It should be also stated that this same bedroom was used by many officers, Union and Confederate during the Civil War.

Fireplace and chandelier in the General's bedroom.

 The above photos were taken by Scott K. Williams on Sept 4, 1999 during a special open house/monument dedication for the Morgan's Men Association national meeting. Note: This is not an entire tour of this wonderful house.


**Photographs of the Exterior of the Dickson-Williams Home.


Early Descendants of John Williams of Hanover Co., Virginia (b. 1679 Wales)


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