James O. Williams' Farm, 1321 Hudson Road

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Jimmy and Martha Jane (with dog, "Prince") on front steps, 1932.

 Left: 1930 Photo showing front porch of house. Lily holding baby "Jimmy" (James H.). Wes Vance and Martha Jane sit on wagon next to dog, "Prince". Right:  Jimmy on tricycle with cat, "Micy No. 1" (1932)

Wes and Martha Jane riding bicycles. Jimmy on tricycle (1933)


Left: 1931, Jimmy preparing to do daily chores. Right: 1933: Jimmy and Wes pictured in front of chicken houses. This is the view looking east from house.

1932: Jimmy sledding at age 3.


Jimmy, next to large chicken house (1943).

Wesley Vance Williams with mom (Lily) in 1944. Wes was a fighter pilot in WWII.  For photos of Wes with his planes, see "Wesley Vance Williams, WWII Fighter Pilot"








Frank Wesley Morris (father of Lily A. Williams), also known as "Poppy") is shown here in his later years (1948). Frank and Martha Amy Morris moved to a east section of the Williams farm, residing in a small house, overlooking the creek. This picture is poppy standing before a trellis at his daughter's house (James O. and Lily Williams' place). They had previously resided at 4511 San Francisco street (in the city of St. Louis), after his daughter's family moved from that house to the county. Poppy was a retired electrician, having installed electric wiring and lights in Union Station and at the St. Louis' World's Fair.







Martha Amy Morris (nee Carter) (mother of Lily A. Williams) sitting at the door of her small apartment built as an addition. Besides a bedroom, it contained its own kitchen. "Big Mommy" as she was known to her grandchildren, moved to the Williams house after "Poppy" (Frank W. Morris) died on 13 Apr 1954. This picture was taken sometime in 1954. Great Grandma Morris (Martha Amy Carter) family came from Irondale, Washington County, Missouri. Her father was James Knox Polk Carter and he was a miner (as well as a Baptist preacher).  He became disabled from a mining accident.  Martha Amy Carter came to St. Louis to find work to help support her aging parents.  Here she met her husband, Frank Wesley Morris. She resided here until her death on Feb 8, 1960.





How the house appeared in March of 1960 after a late snow.







Lily A. Williams standing before garage in January 1962. Two kitty cats are also in the picture. Note: on top of the lamppost is a wooden red bird. When the wind blows its wings would rotate.








Christmas in the dinning room was one of my favorite memories. Here is the family living in St. Louis during the Christmas of 1963.

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