McDonnell Douglas Years

James H. Williams

1956-1980, Continued


Missile Development at White Sands Missile Base, Alamogordo, New Mexico.


Running test on the GAM72 missile at the control panel. (1960)

Constructing the GAM72 Decoy Rocket in 1960. [Enlargement]


In 1960 running test on the GAM72 Decoy Rocket. Jim Williams is pictured on opposite side of missile. [Enlargement]

1958 Preparing a missile to be loaded on a B-47. [Enlargement]


McDonnell Douglas  employees, many of St. Louis pictured next to a B-47. Commemorating the completion of the GAM 72 Quail decoy missile. It was also carried on the B-52 Stratofortress. It was used to confuse enemy radar and for air defense.  Names of persons pictured here (15 March 1960) First Row, Kneeling: Kasprzyk, Shaw, Chipley, Riva, Quigley, Proctor, Von Bergen, Clark, Blasingim, Kramer, Conreux, K. Osborn, Beardsley, O.T. Brown, Jim Williams, Brodeur, Kelewae, Robinson, Sgt. Martinez, Norsworthy, Lt. Unnerstall, Lloyd, Gettinger, Mohr, Johnston.  Second Row, standing: Doerner, Szukalski, Reisch, Dew, T. Putnam, Gaddy, Kuhne, Pope, Loeffler, Kuehl, Norman, Hanson, Schramm, Wimpey, Gwyn, Wasson, Munger, Fleetwood, Dooling, Timmerberg, Monti, Deatherage, Mausshardt, Lemieux, Jansen, Friedman, Quillin, H. Heitmann, Parker, Bass, Capehart, Kuethe, Wilmsmeyer, Mildred Slater, Rion, Newell, Allee, S.E. Moore, Suhr, Marderosian, Oglesby, Duff, R. Osborne, Huff, R. Lehmann, Oakley, Irwin, Pripps, Martyr, R. Brown, Trantham, Kerner, Wilson Summers, Boynton, Capt. Steiner, Saylor. Wilson Summer III, Pilot; Oliver Boynton, Co-Pilot [Enlargement]

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