McDonnell Douglas Years

James H. Williams

1956-1980, Continued


Performing last minute checks on Feb 31, 1963 for a NASA Mercury Space Capsule. James H. Williams is the technician on top under fluorescent light fixture. [Enlargment]


NASA Gemini Space Capsule radiator being placed in a space chamber to begin thermal balance testing. This will test the heating and cooling systems for the manned flight. James H. Williams is the technician guiding the capsule inside the chamber.

The chamber is now being closed. Standing on the platform is James H. Williams.

James H. Williams operating simulation chambers for small spacecraft parts.

Space Chamber Analysis for residual gas


Leak Detection device, designed by James H. Williams.  [Diagram]


Specimen leakage evalage evaluation by monitoring pressure rise of a vacuum chamber.


Tesla Spark Coil used to test glass induction--heated vacuum chamber.


Helium cryostat being leak-tested using an ultra-sonic detector. Similar ultrasound technology is currently being used by NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station.


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