"Hero of the European War" 

Words by Al. Dubin Music by Joseph A. Burke and George B. McConnell
MIDI file courtesy Benjamin Tubb

Verse: 1

If you're English of German or French,
And your heart's 'cross the sea -- to a trench,
While you're sympathising, you wonder who'll be,
The hero of the biggest war in history,
When the guns are laid away,
and Peace has come to stay
Whose name will be famous that day?

Is it Hindenburg or Joffre
Who will wear a hero's crown!
Who will be the one,
Just like Washington,
When the European war is done,
In my mind there's just one hero,
Woodrow Wilson's name will live forevermore,
For there's no doubt of it,
he kept us out of it,
And he's the hero of the European war.

Verse 2
If you love the American flag,
Ev'ry Yankee should start -- in to brag,
For we have a hero in the U. S. A.
Whose name and fame will live forever and a day,
And we'll have him four years more,
within the White House door,
To keep us a Peace as before.


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