("I'll Be True to the Whole Regiment")

English version of the Celebrated French Soldier's Song
"Quand Madelon One Step"
by Camille Robert
Arr. for piano solo by J. Bodewalt Lampe
Lyrics by Louis Bousquet
English Version by Alfred Bryan (1918)

MIDI file courtesy Benjamin Tubb


There is a tavern way down in Brittany
Where weary sol-diers take their liberty
The keeper’s daugh-ter whose name is Madelon
Pours out the wine while they laugh and “carry on”
And while the wine goes to their senses
Her sparkling glance goes to their hearts
Their admiration so intense is
Each one his tale of love imparts
She coquettes with them all
but favors none at all
And here’s the way they banter ev’ry time they call

Chorus A:

O Madelon you are the only one
O Madelon for you we’ll carry on
It’s so long since we have seen a miss
Won’t you give us just a kiss
But Madelon she takes it all in fun
She laugh and says “You’ll see it can’t be done
I would like but how can I consent
When I’m true to the whole regiment”

Chorus B:

O Madelon you are the on-ly one
O Madelon now that the foe has gone
Let the wedding bells ring sweet and gay
Let this be our wedding day
O Madelon sweet maid of Normandy
Like Joan of Arc You’ll always be to me
All thru life for you I’ll carry on
Madelon Madelon Madelon

Verse 2:

He was a fair hair'd boy from Brittany
She was a blue eyed maid from Normandy
He said Goodbye to this pretty Madelon
He went his way with the boys who carry on
And when his noble work was ended
He said fairwell to his command
Back to his Madelon he wended
To claim her lit-tle heart and hand
With lovelight in his glance
This gallant son of France
He murmur’s as she listens with her heart entranc’d

(Repeat Chorus A and B)

Original French Version:

Pour le repos le plaisir du militaire
Il est là bás à deux pas de la forêt
Une maison aux murs tout couverts de lière
Aux Tourlourous c’est le nom du cabaret
La servante est jeune et gentille
Légère comme un papillon
Comme son vin son oeil petille
Nous l’appelons la Madelon
Nous en rêvous la suit nous y pensons le jour
Ce n’est que Madelon mais pour nous c’est l’amour

CHORUS [2 times]
Quand Madelon vient nous servir à boire
Sous la tonnelle on frðle son jupon
Et chacun lui raconte une histoire
Une histoire à sa fuçon
La Madelon pour nour n’est pas sevère
Quand on lui prend la taille on le menton
Elle rit c’est tout t’mal qu’elle sait faire
Madelon, Madelon, Madelon


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