"Over The Sea Boys" 

by Irving Berlin

Published 1918:  Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., Strand Theatre Bldg., Broadway at 47th St., New York

MIDI file courtesy Benjamin Tubb

Verse: 1

In uniform we represent,
The navy of our President;
Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
We try to be as Dewey was,
The fearless man we knew he was;
Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
With watchful eye we take our post,
To guard our Uncle Sammy’s coast;
Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
We’ll fill our guns with navy beans,
And shoot the German submarines;
Yo-ho! Yo-ho!

[sung twice after each verse]
Over the sea boys,
We’re assigned;
With the land we love ever in mind.
Over the ocean, full of devotion;
For the girls we left behind.

Verse 2:

We’re each a son of Washington,
And each a man behind a gun;
Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
The fun’ral march is all rehearsed,
If we should see the Kaiser first;
Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
We don’t get much for what we do,
But what we do, means much to you;
Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
We have to leave our wives behind,
For fighting of a diff’rent kind;
Yo-ho! Yo-ho!

(CHORUS 2 times)

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