“Keep the Trench Fires Going for the Boys Out There”


Words by Eddie Moran
Music by Harry Von Tilzer

Published 1918:  New York: Harry Von Tilzer Music Publishing Co., 222 W. 48th St.

MIDI file courtesy  Benjamin Tubb

Verse 1.

Uncle Sammy's boys are somewhere over there in France
Someone's going to know they're in a fight.
Uncle Sammy's boys are not afraid to take a chance
When they're fighting for a cause that's right.
But while Uncle Sammy's boys are fighting brave and true,
There's something  too that we have got to do.

CHORUS [sung twice after each verse]
Keep the Trench-fires going for the boys out there.
Let's play fair, do our share.
Our boys are fighting for you and me, can't you see?
For you and me and Liberty.
Let's make a showing while they're o'er the foam,
Do your bit and bring them home.
Keep the Trench-fires going for the boys out there.
Let ev’ry son of Uncle Sammy do his share.

Verse 2:.
Uncle Sammy’s boys are going over there to win
Someone will be wiser when they’re thro’.
Uncle Sammy’s boys are going right into Berlin,
Then they'll tell the Kaiser what to do.
But if we want Uncle Sammy's boys to finish strong,
It's up to us to help the boys along.

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