"The Yanks With The Tanks"

Will Go Through The German Ranks
(The Official Song of The U. S. Tank Corps)

 Composer, Lyricist:  Corporal Jimmie Shea

Published 1918, Will Von Tilzer, President, Broadway Music Co., 145
W. 45th St., New York

MIDI file courtesy  Benjamin Tubb

Verse 1:

England, France and Italy you all have done your share.
Belgium, you’ve done nobly too.
Just wait until we all get there.
They thought that we were giving in; they thought that we were thru.
But now they know America is sending help to you.
We’ll show them what that Yankee grit can do,
We’ll have them yelling “Quits” before we’re thru.

CHORUS [sung twice after each verse]
For the Yanks with the Tanks, will go thru the German ranks,
And roll right thru Berlin.
We’ll go over the top,
And we’re not going to stop
Un-til we’ve made those Boches all give in
When the captain gives the com-mand
Come on “Treat ’Em Rough”
Gee, won’t it be grand for the Yanks with their tanks
will go thru the Ger-man ranks
And roll right thru Berlin.

Verse 2:

War is war, that’s very true and men must do or die.
But men can fight their battles fair,
That is if they will on-ly try.
Our enemy across the sea have done their very best
To stop us with their poison gas but we have stood the test.
We’re fighting fair and always have before
And still we’ve got a big surprise in store.

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