"The Battle Song of Liberty"

Dedicated to the United States Army and Navy

 Words by Jack Yellen. Music "Our Director" By F.E. Bigelow, adapted by George L. Cobb.  

Published 1917, Walter Jacobs, Boston

MIDI file courtesy  Benjamin Tubb

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It’s the roar and rattle of Freedom’s battle
That’s calling us over the sea,
Where a mighty foe has challenged us, boys
It’s up to you and to me;
So get Old Glory, we’ll make ’em sorry
That they ever dreamed of this fight.
We’re on our way with a Hip! Hooray!
Just to do what we know to be right.

REFRAIN [to be sung twice]
So here’s to Uncle Sammy faithful and true;
Here’s to our banner of red, white and blue;
And here’s to all good fellows on land and sea
Singing the Battle Song of Liberty.

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