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These pages are a collection of genealogical information to help you research families in MISSOURI Included you will find historical information, county resources, queries and much much more. Many volunteers have contributed information to these pages. Their names will appear on the pages and information they have provided.
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Missouri Facts
  • Capital: Jefferson City
  • Motto: The Welfare of the People shall be the supreme law
  • Nicknames: Show Me State
  • State Song: "Missouri Waltz"
  • State Tree: Flowering Dogwood
  • State Flower: Hawthorn
  • State Bird: Bluebird
  • Area: 69,697 sq. mi; 19th largest state; includes 752 sq mi. of inland water.
  • Highest Point: Taum Sauk MT, 1772 ft
  • Lowest Point: 230 ft along the Saint Francis River

The Great Seal
of Missouri

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    6. Bootheel of Missouri
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      20. World World I
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    9. Effectively Tapping:  by Barry J. Ewell
      1. 88 pages in one file  
      2. 88 single pages       
      3. 69 pages as html
      NOTE: Get the latest Adobe Reader here  

      Off site link
    10. Mississippi State's Meta-List of Black History Missouri Persons of Color
    11. Historical Text Archive !
    12. Louisiana Purchase   Bicentennial Celebration 2003/04 on site
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    1. Don Wright
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    Our Neighboring States

    Effectively Tapping : by Barry J. Ewell

    Effectively Tapping in to Local, County, State Historical Societies and Libraries by Barry J. Ewell is an excellant presentation for genealogists
    (88 pages in file)

    Effectively Tapping in to Local, County, State Historical Societies and Libraries by Barry J. Ewell is an excellant presentation for genealogists
    (88 pages One page at a time with Index Page)

    This is for both the newbies and experts! Companion article for the presentation. (69 pages)

    These files are in PDF form. Get the latest Adobe Reader here

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