1880 Jackson County Non-Indexed Families, City of Independence
Contributed by A. J. Heck
The Prairie Gleaner
West Central MO Genealogical Society
Vol. 28, #1, Jan., 1997

Dwelling-Household, name, age, race, occupation, native, father born,
mother born
16-16          NOLAND,        Dave, bl, 24, --, AR, MO, MO
                                        Mary J., bl, 20, --, AR, MO, MO
                 WILLIAMS,      Jane, bl, 20, widow, VA, VA, VA
                  NOLAND,        Emeline, bl, 60, widow, AL, VA, VA
                  WILLIAMS,     Laura, bl, 13, dau, TX, VA, VA
                  HEAD,             Rena, bl, 26, --, MO, MO, MO

29-29          ST. CLAIR,     Elijah, bl, 27, servant, MO, KY, KY
                  SAMUEL,        Mary, bl, 20, --, MO, KY, KY
                  BROWN,         A., bl, 75, widow, MO, KY, KY

181-181      RICHARDS,     C., bl. male, 27, servant, MS, MS, MS

115-115      PARKER,        Polly A., bl, 28, servant, MO, MO, MO

116-116      CONNER,        W. B., bl male, 50, --, MO, MO, MO
                                        Anna, bl, 36, wife, MO, MO, MO
                  GILES,           Robert, bl, 14, nephew, MO, MO, MO
                  MOORE,         Easter, bl, 18, nephew, MO, MO, MO

223-223      OWSLEY,        Amos, bl, 45, laborer, KY, KY, KY
                                         Ann, bl, 40, wife, MO, KY, KY
                                         John, bl, 20, son, MO, KY, KY
                                         Edward, bl, 18, son, MO, KY, KY
274-274      BURRILL,         Kate, bl, 22, servant, MO, MO, MO

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