1880 Saline County Census of Non-Soundex Families, Salt Springs Twp.
Contributed by:  A. J. Heck
The Prairie Gleaner
West Central MO Genealogical Society
Vol. 27, #4, Oct., 1996


Name                          Race           Age     Occupation,        Native,        Father          Mother 
                                                                                                                born             born

BUFORD,     William     (black)         27        laborer                  MO             KY                  KY

CARTER,     Eliza         (black)         40        keep house            KY              KY                    KY
                   Mitchel                         23        son                        MO             KY                     KY
                   William                        21        son                        MO             KY                     KY
                   Samuel                        16        son                         MO            KY                    KY
                   Laura                           14        daughter                MO            KY                    KY
                   Martha                         12        daughter                MO            KY                    KY

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