African Americans in Missouri
Lookup Volunteers!!

Macon and Linn Counties
Contact: Robert Penland
1) Macon Co., MO - marriage book "C", 1865-1883, as transcribed by Lillie Corbin. Book C contains "colored" marriages, which in most, but perhaps not all, instances would be African-Americans. Please request one (1) pair of surnames per request. I do not have copies of the marriage documents and cannot obtain them. I will provide names/date only.

2) Macon Co., MO Obituaries 1874-1933 - 4 volumes by the late Phyllis Mears of Macon. Transcriptions of obits from Macon County newspapers. One individual or couple per request. Please provide approx date, or other known data that will help to fix an approximate date. Remember that not everyone that died there had an obituary published, regardless of race.

3) Linn Co., MO marriages 1857-1870; as transcribed by Elizabeth P. Ellsberry. Does not cite county volume # or book #, but some marriages areidentified as "(colored)". Guidelines same as Macon Co marriages

In keeping with "fair use" doctrine, I will not Xerox anything from these books. I travel so sometimes a response could take several weeks (not usually though). I don't live anywhere close to MO so I cannot provide any assistance beyond what I am offering. I never lived there so can't answer any questions relative to MO govt. agencies, addresses, etc.. Please, no requests for "surname" searches - these are specific "lookups" only.

General Missouri & Randolph County
(Marriage, land purchases, Confederate and Veterans data)
Contact: John Wayland
"Missouri Marriages Before 1840," by Susan Ormesher (sold by Barnes & Noble).
"Missouri Genealogical Gleanings, 1840 and Beyond, Vol 1," by Sherida K. Eddlemon.
"Records of Randolph Co., Missouri, 1833-1964," by Sherida K. Eddlemon
"Original Land Purchases of Randolph County, Missouri," by Cecille Taylor Rice and Randolph Co. Historical Society.
"Shades of Gray, Confederate Soldiers and Veterans of Randolph Co., Missouri," by Nell Block.
"Old Families of Randolph County, Missouri," by Howard Wright Marshall.

Please make a logical request for one person at time. If you have a good reason (not a "wild one") to believe a person may have been in a particular location, please make relevant notations. You must include full name, date or birth, even if it is an estimate.

St. Genevieve County
Contact: Irene Green-Grant
St Mary' Catholic Church Records- St Genevieve County:  1870-1923
St Genevieve County Marriage Records:  1806-1826, 1841-1847, 1848-1842, 1881-1896
In the meantime, PLEASE feel free to add my name as a look-up for. The following are SURNAMES that we have data on so far:
JAMES *also a will from Slave Owner!
I only request that inquiries say "Slave Lookup" in the subject area of the email so that I know to "open" the mystery mail! Looking forward to bridging the gaps in our history!

Missouri Census and Slave Schedules
Contact: Brenda Lane
I have access to the Newberry Research Library in Chicago and will do Marion County Missouri census lookups up to 1880 and 1850 and 1860 slave schedules. My turn around time would be 1-3 days -- depending on how many requests I receive.

St. Genevieve County 1850 Slave Schedule
Contact:  Lisa Buese

Boone County 1860 Slave Schedule
Contact: Freda Acuff
Freda is currently working on the transcription.  Depending on her progress she may be able to help you with a look up.  She also has a copy of "People of Color: Black Genealogical Records and Abstracts from Missouri Sources Vol. 1" by Teresa Blattner.  I would encourage you all to purchase Blattner's books -- which also include a volume 2.

Miscelleneous Documents for Lookups:
Contact: Traci Wilson Kleekamp
I strongly urge you to purchase any of the books noted below.  Please let me know if you borrow or purchase a book or publication and would like to volunteer to do lookups for others. Below are the documents I have available.  When you make a request; please note in the subject header the SURNAME, (first name and last name) DATES and COUNTY.  There is only one of me  & I have 3 little ones... so please be patient if you make a request.

  • People of Color: Black Genealogical Records and Abstracts from Missouri Sources Vol. 1 & 2 by Teresa Blattner.
  • Missouri's Black Heritage by Lorenzo Green, Gary R. Kremer & Antonio Holland
  • Agriculture and Slavery in Missouri's Little Dixie by R. Douglas Hurt
  • Colored Marriage Record 1865-1871 St. Charles County Missouri
  • Moniteau County 1860 Slave Schedules
  • Morgan County 1860 Slave Schedules
  • Cooper County 1860 Slave Schedules
  • 1870 Kelly Township of Cooper County
  • 1910 Kelly Township of Cooper County
  • Early Marriage Records (1819-1850) and Will Records (1820-1870) of Cooper County, Missouri.

  • One thing to remember about our VOLUNTEERS:
    Responding to requests for information takes time out of someone else's busy life. Please always respond with a thank you note. If someone is kind enough to send you documents or copies without charging you -- please don't assume that you don't owe them anything. Sending an SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) is just good business. Saying thank-you is appropriate -- something our mama's taught us a long time ago. If someone is willing to go to the library or FHC and do a lookup, let you borrow materials etc., remember that their time, effort etc. is not FREE. They are doing you a favor! Please contribute by making a fair contribution to their efforts. Consider gas, parking and postage and standard costs that you should not expect a volunteer to absorb. If you borrow someone's materials, promptly return them and for goodness sakes, and PLEASE don't mark in them -- how tacky. Remember to consider every act of kindness to be a big deal -- appreciation and thankfulness should come without having to be told.