Mississippi & Alabama Railroad

   The  Alabama & Mississippi Railroad was started in 1902 by the Vinegar Bend Lumber Company of Vinegar Bend Alabama. In 1922 when the Lumber Company and Railroad both  went bankrupt. The part from Vinegar Bend to Leakesville was sold to local businessmen and renamed the Mississippi and Alabama Railroad. The railroad was abandoned in early 1950.

History and  photos 1 and 2 adapted from work written by Tony Howe

Photos 3 thru 7 furnished by David Price


  MnA4.jpg (38391 bytes)M&A #4 near Vinegar Bend, Alabama, Photo by C. W. Witbeck.

MnAtrack.jpg (61654 bytes) M&A mainline near Rounsaville, MS., photo by C. W. Witbeck.

ma4crew.jpg (67114 bytes) Firemen stoking the fire with pine knots. C. W. Witbeck collection of David S. Price.

ma62.jpg (41788 bytes) Photo by Robert W. Richardson from collection of David S. Price

mashop.jpg (65184 bytes) Shops of M.& A. at Leakesville  in 1948. Photo by C. W. Witbeck in collection of David S. Price

madepot.jpg (57307 bytes) Old Rail Bus sits waiting the mail, Leakesville. Photo by C. W, Witbeck David S. Price, Collection.

MA4_Lville_1948_jpg.JPG (58362 bytes) M & A # 4 in Leakesville 1948. Photo from David S. Price Collection.