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Indes to Data on Famlies of Greene County, Ms

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Adams, Bodo
Adams, James
Adams, James
Adams, Mariah
Adams, Susan
Adams, Lewis
Adams, Lewis H
Adams, Wyatt
Alford, J H
Anderson, James Robert
Avera, Alexander
Avera, Catherin C
Avera, Cecilia
Avera, Ebenezer Alexander
Avera, Eran
Avera, Hardy Richard
Avera, Isaac
Avera, Isabelle
Avera, John
Avera, John McLeod
Avera, John Powell
Avera, John West
Avera, John West
Avera, Katherin C.
Avera, Lafayette
Avera, Lydia
Avera, Lawrence
Avera, Margaret C
Avera, Mary Susan
Avera, Mary Susan
Avera, Rufus W
Avera, Scott Roston
Avera, Tatty Bell
Avera, William Powell
Avera, William P

Backstrom, Agnes C
Backstrom, Alice E
Backstrom, Amy Elizabeth
Backstrom, Sr., Charles O.
Backstrom, Jr., Charles O
Backstrom, Flora A
Backstrom, Francis
Backstrom, Geneva
Backstrom, John F
Backstrom, Lena
Backstrom, Louisa
Backstrom, Miranda
Backstrom, Rufus W
Backstrom, Rufus I
Backstrom, Viola J
Backstrom, William Henry
Bagby, Sarah Ann
Ball, Betty Moody
Ball, Lenora Aseline "Nora"
Ball, Elbert
Ball, Eliza Jane
Ball, Floyd Lawrence
Ball, Henry Augustus
Ball, Henry C A
Ball, James Lafayette
Ball, James Sampson
Ball, John Jefferson
Ball, Martha
Ball, Mary Alice
Ball, S E
Ball, Susan Rebecca
Ball, Tyra Augustus
Ball, Victoria
Ball, William Bartholamew
Ball, William Washington
Bang, Mary Ella
Banks, James Green
Banks, Lavenia
Baptiste, Edmund
Batson. Mary Annette
Baxter, W E
Beard, Ellen
Beard, Ila
Beard, James
Beard, John Preston, Sr
Beard, Jr., John Preston
Bexlay, William
Birch, Dicey
Black, Malcom
Blackledge, W
Boothe, E
Boothe, H A
Box, Charles G
Box, Edward B
Box, Rene Isabel
Bradford, L G
Bradley, Annie Mae
Bradley, Columbus Abner
Bradley, D
Bradley, Sr., Daniel Frank
Bradley, Quince
Bradley, Winny Davis
Brannan, Cynthia Ida
Brannan, Henry
Brannan, H B
Brannan,  I T
Brannan, Thomas W
Breland, Asa
Breland, Absalom
Breland, Sr., Absalom
Breland, Charles
Breland, G T Y
Breland, H
Breland, J
Breland, J C
Breland, John C
Breland, Mahala
Breland, Margaret Janie
Breland, Mary Ann
Breland, Mary Anzonetta
Breland, Melissa
Breland, Nancy
Breland, Samuel
Breland, Theadore
Breland, Rev. Geo Theadore
Breland, Samuel Rufus
Breland, W F
Brewer, Alexander A (Sandy)
Brewer, Christopher Columbus
Brewer, Cornelius Neal
Brewer, Cynthia E
Brewer, D W
Brown, Mary  Rind
Brewer, Henry
Brewer, Howell
Brewer, Howell Lafayette (Fate)
Brewer, J F
Brewer, Jane
Brewer, John
Brewer, Lillie Ann
Brewer, Reese
Brewer, Nathan
Brewer, Osborn
Brewer, R
Brewer, Roxann
Brown, Alfred G
Brown, Elias
Brown, G E
Brown, Josiah
Brown, Joe
Brown, Mary  Rind
Brown, Lonzo
Brown, Robert F
Bufkin, Elsie
Bullock, Elizabeth G
Burch, Nancy
Busby, Nathan
Byrd, Calvin
Byrd, E W
Byrd, Ed W
Byrd, Elizabeth
Byrd, Harriett
Byrd, Hezekiah (Ki)
Byrd, Ira
Byrd, J W
Byrd, James
Byrd, J A J, Sr.
Byrd, J A Jr.
Byrd, Jess
Byrd, John Harvey
Byrd, Leona Virginia
Byrd, Manual
Byrd, Martha Ann
Byrd, Martha Elizabeth
Byrd, Martha Miranda
Byrd, Phereba
Byrd, Rebecca A
Byrd, Rebecca Ellen Walker
Byrd, William Travis