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Index to Data on Famlies of Greene County, Ms

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James, Patrick
James, Phillip Marcellus
James, Sally
Jones, Cyrus J
Jones, Cyrus
Jones, Enoch S
Jones, Margaret Emily (Em)
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sirus

Kittrell, Absalom
Kittrell, Absalom B
Kittrell, Alexander S
Kittrell, Alex Travis
Kittrell, David
Kittrell, David "Big"
Kittrell, David "Little"
Kittrell, David Alonzo
Kittrell, Jonathan
Kittrell, Margaret Omelia
Kittrell, Reuben
Kittrell, Samuel Abner
Kittrell, Thomas
Kittrell, Thomas
Kittrell, Thomas

Lane, Bessie
Lane, Isaac Henry
Lane, Isaac K
Lane, Lou Ella
Langston, James
Langford, Belle Amazon
Lankford, Daniel Plez
Lankford, Daniel Plez
Lankford, Elby
Lankford, John A
Lee, Charlotte
Lee, Rev. Robert B
Lehrkind, Fred
Lewis, William Edward
Lott, Catherine
Lott, Rachel Marcella
Lott, Robert
Lucas, T Jefferson
Lucas, Thomas J
Lundy, Martha A
Lyle, Edward

Mallette, Clemmett
Martin, Rebecca Ann
Manning, Amelia
Manning, Martin V
Maples, Abner C
Maples, Thomas L
Mason, Norris
Meadows, Haywood Allen
Meadows, Micage
Meadows, Steve
Meriweather, Wm C
Merritt, Anguish
Merritt, Elizabeth "Betsy"
Merritt, William
McCaskill, Daniel
McDonald, John C
McDonald, Julian
McDonald, Norman
McInnis, Alex
McInnis, Daniel
McInnis, Dan H
McInnis, Sr., Hugh Allen
McInnis, Sr., John
McInnis, John
McInnis, John
McInnis, Sr.,John J-
McInnis, Isabelle
McInnis, J Murdock "Mutt"
McInnis, John Jacobs
McIntosh, John R Bliss
McLain, Jr., Alexander
McLain, John A 
McLain, John
McLain, Louisa J
McLain, Myra Zelline
McLean, Ella Gertrude
McLendon, John
McLendon, Malcolm
McLeod, Allen
McLeod, Allen
McLeod, MD, Alexander
McLeod, Daniel
McLeod, Farquhar
McLeod, John
McLeod, Kenneth McCaskill
McLeod, Martha Caroline
McLeod, Mary A
McLeod, Norman
McLeod, Peter
McLeod, Peter Archibald
McLeod, Peter M
Mcleod, Rachel Ann
McLeod, Roderick
McLeod, Roderick
McLeod, Sweyn
McSwain, Malcolm W
McSwain, Malcolm
Middleton, Susannah (Sue)
Miller, Charles J
Miller, James T
Miller, John Edward
Miller, John Eubanks
Miller, John Madison
Mills, James Albert
Mills. James Albert
Mills, William J
Mizell, Anabelle
Mizell, David Sire
Mizell, James
Moffitt, Andrew Jackson
Moffitt, Eli T
Mohler, Carrie Lee
Moody, Amy Zilpha
Moody, Betti
Moody, Erasmus B (Raz)
Moody, Erasmus B
Moody, Lucy
Moody, William W
Morgan, Ephraim
Moss, Flora E
Murray, Andrew
Murray, John T
Murray, Rebecca
Murray, Robert J