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Index to Data on Famlies of Greene County, Ms

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Neel, Sarah E

Neel, William M
Nicholson, Betty Ann
Norsworthy, James
Norsworthy Jared "Jordan"

Owens, Gwen
Odom, J J

Phillips, Lige
Pierce, Barney
Pierce, George W
Pierce, Minnie
Pipkins, James
Pipkins, Lewis
Pipkins, Martin
Pipkins, Richard
Pipkins, Charles
Pipkins, Ellen
Pipkins, Mary Elizabeth
Pitts, Margaret
Platt, James
Poole, Rev. Henry H
Pope, Barzilla J
Pope, Loraine Arvaline
Pope, Mattie
Pope, Napoleon
Pope, Sarah Elizabeth
Porter, John
Powell, James T
Prentiss, James A
Prentiss, John A
Prentiss, William A
Prine, John A
Prine, John Leanord
Prine, Rev Robert W
Pursley, William
Purvis, Ella

Rainey, Nancy
Ray, Sarah
Reese, John Edward "Ed"
Reese, Sarah Ann
Reyonalds, J R
Rich, Martha A
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Jesse Ira
Roberts, Josiah
Roberts, Irvin Barnes
Roberts, Mary Emma
Roberts, Miranda Arizona
Roberts, Sarah
Roberts, Viola Edwina
Robertson, Alice Rebecca
Robertson, Amanda
Robertson, Cora Ella
Robertson, John J
Robertson, John
Robertson, Joseph
Robertson, Mary F
Robertson, Samuel
Robertson, William Berry
Rounsaville, Elias
Rounsaville, J Amos
Rounsaville, Robert
Rounsaville, Robert