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Index to Data on Famlies of Greene County, Ms

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Scanlin, William J
Scarborough, Elizabeth
Shepherd, Mary Ann
Sheppard, Miranda Octavia
Slay, James "Dock"
Slay, Rev William Carney
Slay, Lettie Ann
Smith, Annis
Smith, Charles Pinkney "Pink"
Smith, Clarissa
Smith, Clayton
Smith, Elizabeth I
Smith, Elizabeth Isabelle
Smith, Hubert Nathaniel "Hugh"
Smith, Jehu S "Jay"
Smith, John Andrew
Smith, Lawrence Wilson
Smith, Michael F
Smith, Samuel Jones
Sowell, Charles N
Sowell, James Monroe
Sowell, James Nathaniel
Sowell, Mary
Stevens, Benjamin
Stringfellow, Martha
Sylvester, Callie C
Sylvester, John Q "Square"

Taylor, Laura E
Thomas, Imogene Emma
Thomson, William Wirt
Travis, Sarah Irene
Trigg, William Stanton
Turner, Bodo Robert
Turner, Cynthia Sarah
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, George W
Turner, John W
Turner, Lewis P
Turner, Martha (Pat)
Turner, Nathan
Turner, Osburne
Turner, Sarah Agnes
Turner, Sarah Ellen
Turner, William
Turner, William J

Wade, Charles Herndon
Wade, Samuel W
Wainwright, Joseph
Walker, Julia Ann
Walker, William
Walley, Barbara Ann
Walley, Dorcas
Walley, Eliza Jane
Walley, Gouldsberry
Walley, James "Jim"
Walley, John
Walley, Louisa Janes
Walley, Olive
Walley, Richard Hard
Walley, Thomas II
Walley, Thomas
Walley, Willis B
Walley, Willis Washington
Walley, Zechariah
Welford, Alexander
Welford, Henry Clay
Welford, Inez
Welford, Louella
Welford, Mary Ann
Welford, Mary (Polly)
Welford, William
Welford, William
West, Absalom Lee
West, George
West, John
West, John Vincent
West, Luna E
West, Martha
West, Vincent
West, William (Willis) Hughes
Whatley, John Henry
Williams, Argent
Williams, Benjamin
Williams, Clarissa Elizabeth
Williams, James E
Williams, James G
Williams, Jensie
Williams, John Axiom
Williams, Roderick Ludville "Lud"
Williams, Mary E
Woodard, James SWoodard, Jesse
Woodhouse, John

Young, Celia
Young, David
Young, Nona