Various Greene County Scenes

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                                                                            Old Avera Store

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This old store was built on the Chickasawhay River in Old Avera Community by Mr. Avera. It was designed with a cupalo on top from which the owners could see rafts of logs being floated down the River. 

Old Avera Bridge Under Construction

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The Greene County Courts house was built by the W. P. A. during the 1930's                                                                                                                                             Greene County Court House


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 Finlay/Ezell/Kittrell old Place                                                   Old Log Crib built by Allen McCaskill

Built about 1860                                                                  Built about 1840

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Chickasawhay River                                    Indian Hill School


New Avera

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       Hotel            Downtown Avera       Locomotive      Kitchens store   Avera Gas Station


Leakesville and Area

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         Canning Co.                        Churchwell Motors                    A. C. Turners                       Canning                      Cotton Gin

GREEN'S STATION.jpg (43103 bytes)   CROWN GAS.jpg (30820 bytes)     cowan.jpg (20340 bytes)   GB MCRAE STORE.jpg (43384 bytes)      JJ MCINNIS STORE.jpg (33841 bytes)

    Green's Gas               Crown Gas Station                          Cowans       Geo. B. McRae Store    J. J. McInnis Store

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Downtown                          Old Courthouse      Leakesville Public School     Post Office           McInnis Hotel

ML MCRAE & CO.jpg (30064 bytes)   OLD BOL.jpg (26081 bytes)     OLD BRIDGE.jpg (34466 bytes)  OLD COURTHOUSE.jpg (51334 bytes)   OLD DORM.jpg (35437 bytes)

M. L. McRae                           Old Bank                   Old Bridge                Old Courthouse         Old Dorm

OLD GULF PLANT.jpg (23873 bytes)    OLD METH CHURCH.jpg (55444 bytes)  OLD POST OFFICE.jpg (37947 bytes)   OLD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.jpg (20657 bytes)  OLD PUBLIC SCHOOL.jpg (32840 bytes) 

Old Gulf Plant             Methodist Church        Old Post Office       Presbyterian Church       Old School


PEOPLES DRUG.jpg (35319 bytes)      TURPINTINE STILL.jpg (38280 bytes)    VENEER CO.jpg (32866 bytes)  VENEER MILL.jpg (34171 bytes)      M&A4 Lville 1948 jpg.JPG (58362 bytes)

Peoples Drug Store          Turpentine Still               Veneer Company               Veneer Mill                   Ms. & Al. #4 Leakesville 1948



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                           Piave Locomotives                          Aerial View of Piave 

                        Virgin Pine Lumber Co.                            During the 20's


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Bothwell Lumber Company                                     Bothwell Hotel


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