Greene County Logging Trains

   During the latter part of the 19th century and the first part of the 20th  sawmills  flourished in Greene County where virgin forest of yellow pine timber  was in abundance. When these saw mills moved in, towns sprang up and grew rapidly, for a time. Some of the sawmill towns were Avera, Blodgett, Grafton, Bothwell, Piave, Chicora, Royce, and Leaf.  When the timber was all cut in a particular  area these mills would move on to new area. 

At first citizens who lived near the rivers floated rafts of logs down the river to saw mills on the Gulf Coast. When they cut all the timber near the rivers, and  were no longer able to do this, then sawmills were built in communities and other means were used to get the lumber to market.

   These sawmills found it profitable to purchase locomotives to haul their  timber  to their mills. Below is a listing of the Locomotives used in Greene County. These descriptions are found on ( The patent for the locomotive was held by Ephraim Shay and the Locomotives were built by Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio. These locomotives were gear driven and moved slowly hauling logs. Some had special wheels were logs could be used as rails.

    Some of the lumber companies were: 

Virgin Pine Lumber Company, Piave, Ms., (L. O. Crosby)

Blodgett Lumber Co., Piave, Ms. (John Blodgett)

C. & R. Lumber Company, Blodgett, Ms.

J. M Griffin Lumber Company, Blodgett, Ms.

J. P. Griffin Lumber Company, Avera, Ms.

Turner Lumber Company, Avera, MS.

Green Lumber Co., Avera and Leaf

J. J. Newman Lumber Company, Royce, (near Leaf), Ms.

Green Veneer Company, Leaf, MS.

Bothwell Lumber Company, Bothwell, Ms.

Cowan Brothers Lumber Company, Grafton, Ms.

Robinson Land and Lumber Co., Chicora


183 Avera

566 Avera

2096 Piave, Blodgett

2140 Blodgett

2443  Piave

2977 Piave, Blodgett

3081 Avera

3104 Piave, Blodgett

3110 Avera, Leaf

3113 Bothwell

3122 Grafton

3197 Piave, Blodgett

On Display at Duncan Park, Natchez, MS.

Shay Locomotive  bound for J P Griffin Lumber Co., Avera, MS.

Heisler Logging Train Green Lumber Co., Avera