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Stone, Cemetery
Lauderdale County MS

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    HOLT, John K. b-Feb 19, 1833 d-Sept 23, 1865
    (PVT Coast ARty Corps WWII)
    ROGERS John R. b-Feb 19, 1800 d-Sept 23, 1853
    married Jan 05, 1825
    To Martha Ellen Thomas
    ROGERS, Martha Ellen (Thomas) b-July 5, 1801 d-June 6, 1856
    wife of John R. Rodgers
    WRIGHT, Ruby L. b-Feb 19, 1900 d-Sept 23, 1953

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Location: Meridian, Lauderdale Co., MS

Travel out 22nd Ave. Heights and turn right on Zero Road.
Turn off the Zero Road onto the Long Creek Water Association Road
behind the Clark Place.

Information provided by The Clark Family, David Pickett,
Elizabeth Hughes Hagwood, and Kathleen Pickett Lee

Submitted by
Elizabeth Hagwood Poster-#-4-

The List Below Submitted by
Elizabeth Hagwood Poster-#-4-
J. A. Stone, b- June 11,1852 d- 6-22-1900>
Adeline A. Smith, b- August 22,1850 d- March 13.1934
Miles Stone, b- Jan. 5, 1841 d- Nov. 13.1880
Nancy Stone, b- Feb. 15, 1847 d- June 3, 1939
Wife of Miles Stone
J. D. Stone, b- June 6, 1846 d- April 17, 1901
Louis Berry Pickett, b- April 7, 1889 d- July 19, 1908
(1st Reg. MS Inf. Patton’s Army of 10,000 CSA)
Son of Daniel L. Pickett, Jr. and Harriet Wilson Pickett
(2nd wife of D. L. Pickett, Jr.)
Susannah Stone Pickett, b- March 7,1842 d- August 8, 1916
Wife of Louis Berry Pickett
N. Y. Stone, b- March 16, 1844 d- Jan. 12, 1911
Mrs. M. C. Stone, b- August 16, 1853 d- Dec. 13, 1928
W. P. Stone, b- Jan. 6, 1840 d- Nov. 6, 1917
JNO. Covington Mason, b- March 17, 1869 d- Dec. 10, 1884
Son of S. J. Mason
Maggie J. Powell, b- September 23, 1870 d- April 10, 1889
Daughter of P. and S. J. Mason
Wife of W. H. Powell
Bessie Mason, b- August 8, 1888 d- August 8, 1888
Infant daughter of P. and S. J. Mason
Fannie M. Covington , b- August 6, 1836 d- May 26, 1908
Sue A. Covington, b- June 7, 1852 d- March 28, 1905
Daughter of J. C. and Margaret C. Covington
Bostick Covington, b- July 2, 1895 d- April 21, 1897
Son of T. J. and Mary Covington
Catherine R. Covington, b- Dec. 28, 1875 d.-April 13, 1908
Daughter of T. J./ and Mary Covington
Mary E. Covington, b- June 3, 1855 d- September 16, 1904
Wife of T. J. Covington
Thomas J. Covington, b- March 28, 1847 d- April 10, 1930
Will Green, b- Feb. 20, 1829 d- June 9, 1899
C. W. Daws, b- Dec. 2, 1881 d- March 1, 1902
Son of E. E. and F. J. Daws
Henry Dearman, b- 1840 d- 1899
Father of Azzalee Dearman Pickett wife of Joseph B. Pickett
Mary D. Dearman, b- 1850 d- 1922
Martha Ella Dearman, b- Feb. 22, 1872 d- March 13, 1926
O. Y. Hinson, b- July 24, 1878 d- March 3, 1915
Eva Lowe Stone, b- September 9, 1872 d- March 31, 1923
Wife of J. C. Stone
J. H. Boswell, b- Dec. 7, 1861 d- May 17, 1898
Rev. I. L. Stone, Died Dec. 7, 1929
Died at age 75
Martha Stone, b- Nov. 2, 1854 d- Nov. 2, 1880
Belle Stone, b- September 11, 1903
Died at age 58
Wife of I. L. Stone
Jessie (Jessy) M. Pickett, b- July 28, 1865 d- May 17, 1880
Son of Louis Berry and Susannah Stone Pickett
Killed in shooting accident

The List Above Submitted by
Elizabeth Hagwood Poster-#-4-

Below Submitted by Robin Duhs Poster-#-73-
The cemetery is located behind the Horace Clark residence,
but their name wasn't visible the day I was there so I had a time
figuring out the house. For anyone searching for the house, it is
the first house on the left just past the Long Creek Water Association
Building. Including that bit in the directions would be very helpful to
another person. Mrs. Clark was very pleasantand allowed me to go to see it.

One must hike about 1/2 mile down a dirt path to get to it. Wear sturdy
shoes because the land is hilly, sometimes muddy and overgrown. Sadly,
the cemetery is badly neglected with many stones broken and nearly invisible
behind the the brush. I almost missed it! Some graves are hard to see even
within the cemetery.
Wish I'd thought of pruning shears!
Robin Duhs
August 11, 2004
New Directions: updated 11-09-2004

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