Obit for Joseph LaForest Pitts

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Obit for Joseph LaForest Pitts
???? thru 1902

    Obit for Joseph LaForest Pitts
    Published April 13, 1902
    in a Meridian newspaper.

    Funeral services for Joseph LaForest Pitts,
    "Sympathy is extended to Mrs. M. R. Grant and Miss Genta Pitts Wright in the death of their father, Mr. J. L. Pitts, whose soul left its earthly tenement on Sunday evening and passed into the shades of rest. His departure leaves a void in the household where he was lovingly cared for in his declining health. Beautiful flowers from many friends almost hid the bier from view. Sorrowing relatives and friends gathered and performed the last sad rites in Rose Hill Cemetery, where he sleeps well, since life's fitful fever is o'er."

    NOTE: I don't have a copy of the actual obit, my mom transcribed it. A note says the date was handwritten on the obit.

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