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My hobby is genealogy. I am what you would call "addicted". Never did I think I would become so involved in it. Me, who never liked history in school. I now find myself collecting anything old that has to do with my ancestors. Old pictures, old documents, and even old tombstone rubbings. I spend hours in dusty courthouses, libraries and traipsing through cemeteries. My cousin and I recently had a family reunion, and wrote a book gathering information on our ancestors, the reunion was great and the book was a great success. We met relatives that we had never seen, so many on them we met over the Internet. We e-mailed documents and pictures back and forth, exchanged information and got to know these relatives, but it was nice to have a face to go with the name when we finally met them at the reunion. I believe that anyone who gets interested in genealogy will become just as hooked on it as I am. Plus, itís something that hopefully our children will appreciate in their later years.

Getting Started

I started with my fatherís birth certificate. On this you will find his parents name and the place they were living when he was born. I like to go backwards, but everyone has their way of doing things. Whatever is easier for you. Once I found out the county and state, I put queries up in all the surrounding counties. I E-mailed everyone that was doing a search on my surname. You will be surprised at the responses you will get. From there, go to the courthouse and get every document you can. Birth certificates, death certificates, land grants and land records, wills, orphan records, census, military records and donít forget the delayed birth and death records, and the marriage bonds. I like to have at least 2-3 sources of documented proof. Also be sure to check the surrounding counties, as boundaries changed. In my surname, I found the spelling varied. It was spelled five different ways, so check that out too. They spelled the name the way it sounded back then, so Baynor could be Bainer, etc. Donít forget to check with older relatives. You will be surprised at the stories they remember, and they just might help you in your search. Once you start your search, keep a notebook; you will need it for all the people that will be in touch with you and also for all the notes you will be making. There are a lot of resources on the Internet, and your local Mormon church usually has the LDS files and computers for you to use. The searches are free, but you pay for any copies you make. A lot of the counties have great information, and the query board just might have someone looking for your surname. Once you make that first "HIT" you will be so excited. You may just find some skeletons in your closet, but thatís the fun of it. So happy hunting!!!

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