Will Extracts
Albemarle County

Robert Frost

Will Date, May 30, 1717, Probate Date, April 1718
"Kisey River in Albemarle County", Sons: James, William. Daughters: Elenor Frost, Mary Johnson. Wife: Joan. No Executor named. Witnesses: Will Lattimer, John Stancell, Clerk of Chowan Court: R. Hicks

Gregory Garfort

Will Date, Oct. 1, 1703, Probate Date, July 1704
"To my mate William Pargiter all my whole estate real and personal", Excutor: Wm. Pargiter. Witnesses: Francis Tomes, Jr.
Margarett Tomes, Tho. Houghton. Clerk of the Court. Tho. Snoden

Ralfe Garner

Will Date, May 31, 1695, Probate Date Aug. 1695
Daughters: Mary, Elizabeth and Estor. Executrix: Joan Gardner. Witnesses: Thomas Barkock, Garrett Keen. Edward Mayo Clerk of the Court.

William Garret

Will Date, March 23, 1734, Probate Date March 27,1735
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Other legatees: James Chason, Thomas Hardison, Richard Hardison, Joseph Hardison. Witnesses: John Hardison,
Jasper Hardison. Will proven before Gab. Johnston at Edenton.

Francis Godfrey

Will Date, Oct. 20, 1675, Probate Date Nov. 5, 1675
Sons: William, John. Wife and Executrix: Joane. Witnessess: Paul Lathum, Wm. Westerman, John Culpeper. Reg. Pub: Thomas
Harris. Clerk of the Court: Ralph Coates.

Lawrence Gonsolvo

Will Date, July 2, 1698, Probate Date July, 1698
All worldly goods bequesthed to father-in-law and mother. Witnesses: Thos. Norsem, Alice Chew, Mary Norcomb, Sarah Blank
Clerk of the Court: John Stepney

Gilbert Goodall

Will Date Sep. 3, 1712
Legatees: Elizabeth Hosea, Thomas Arnold, Jr., John Winbery, William Collson, George Taylor, Sarah Whidbe, Charles Barclif, George Durant, John Stivers, Richard Whidbe(executor).
Witnesses: William Stevens, Margarett Slater, Mary Durant.
Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722. page 47

John Halcony

Will Date Feb. 25, 1672, Probate Date Oct.1, 1673
Son: John. Wife and other children: mentioned, but not named.
Witnesses: Abell Robetson(?), Francis Mallard.
Proven before John Jenkins.
Clerk of the Court: Thomas Harris

Jasper Hardison

Will Date, May 08, 1733, Probate Date, Nov. 05 1733
Sons: John ("land on South side of Deep run"), Jaspar (200 acres ofland on Cheat Neck), Charles ("piece of land called Cheat Neck Island"), Josuah and Thomas (Land on Cheat Neck branch), Richard and Joseph,("rest of plantation known by the name of Roses Plantation").
Other Legatees: Mary Carkeet, Judah Sutton, Executors: Mary Hardison (wife), John Hardison (son).
Witnesses: Joseph Hudson, Samuel Durrance. Will proven before
Geo. Burrington.

Lawrence Arnold

Will Date, Dec.14, 1691, Probate Date, Feb. 02,??
Son and Executor: John.
Other legatee: Lawrence Godfrey.
Witnesses: Elizabeth Jenkins, Isaac Rowden
Clerk of the Court: Richard Plater

William Bartlett

Will Date, Mar. 14, 1695, Probate Date Jul. 1698
Eldest Son: William (Plantation adjoining William Arnold), Son: Thomas (land from branch adjoining home plantation to Thomas Godfrey's line).
Executors: Elizabeth and William Bartlett.
Witnesses: Tho. Twedy, John Northcoat,
Gilbert Goodall.
Clerk of the Court: William Geover.

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